Better Business Bureau®(BBB) Accreditation

Building Standards For Trust
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"Advancing Marketplace Trust For More Than 100 Years" - BBB Accredited

Corporate Finance Institute® is accredited by the Better Business Bureau®(BBB) a private, nonprofit organization that has been advancing marketplace trust for over 100 years. To maintain accreditation standards, CFI carefully follows the BBB standards for accreditation which have been developed following the BBB Standards for Trust.

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The BBB Mission

The Better Business Bureau has become the online public directory for consumers to find truthful and unbiased business information.

Reporting on over 5.4 million accredited and non-accredited businesses, the BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust.

The history, rating system, and services offered by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can be found in more detail within our website resources.

Corporate Finance Institute Is Rated A+

At CFI, we are dedicated to providing the most educational content to our students, allowing them to make the most informed buying decisions.

Our A+ BBB rating is a testament to this and shows our commitment to providing the highest possible standards in online education.

Visit CFI's BBB Profile

If you wish to learn more about CFI’s maximum A+ score rating, please visit the Corporate Finance Institute BBB profile.

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