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About LSG

Overview of Learning Strategies Group

Learning Strategies Group Canada, Inc. is a company incorporated in Canada (formerly MDA Training Inc. in North America), with a wholly owned subsidiary Learning Strategies Group Inc., which operates in the United States (together with Learning Strategies Group Canada Inc., “LSG”). Although operating independently and globally, they are affiliated with MDA Training, based in London, England and with offices also in Hong Kong and Mumbai. Their global affiliation with MDA Training allows the best use of resources, using the most qualified instructors and representing global capabilities with local resources. Furthermore, LSG is a partner company of CFI, which now allows it to provide an array of different services spanning from business-to-business learning to the Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA)™ designation offered by CFI.


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LSG Background

LSG is a leading learning solutions firm, that works with organizations to create highly engaging learning solutions that are tailored to the workplace.  LSG has a proven track record covering 30 years with extensive experience developing and delivering programs to a wide range of audiences including finance professionals and business leaders in all types of industries, more specifically the financial services industry, corporations, and universities.

They provide solutions such as:

  • Learning solutions and programs in commercial and credit skills
  • Commercial and business banking learning solutions
  • Financial analysis and performance consultation
  • Management and leadership learning programs
  • Business strategy and organization solutions

Learning Strategies Group has a dedicated team of training specialists, with substantial experience as facilitators and all with previous experience in senior leadership and finance, project management, or risk management roles within the industry and financial services.  They provide learner-centric experiences, incorporating practical work, experiential learning, and group work.  Their experience will ensure that their proposed learning solutions are engaging and interactive.  Their ethos is that people learn by doing rather than just listening.  LSG offers interactive and engaging learning solutions that are unique and specific to their clients.  Their learning solutions are primarily focused in the areas of business acumen, leadership and management skills.  They develop learning solutions tailored to a company’s goals, business strategy, people, culture, and values.  Although they do provide “off-the-shelf” training solutions, their typical model for instructor-led classroom learning is experiential in approach using client-specific case studies, role playing, simulations, and feedback.

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Proven Track Record

As stated earlier, LSG is made up of an exceptional team of learning design experts, workshop facilitators and coaches.  Every member of their team brings a wealth of practical knowledge and experience combined with a passion for learning and an ability to engage and inspire. LSG has teams based in New York, San Diego, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and London.


Client Focus – Corporates and financial institutions

In addition to the above, Learning Strategies Group has a long track record of working with the financial services industry, corporations and universities globally.  LSG works closely with their clients to fully understand their business objectives in order to tailor solutions that are relevant to them.  LSG’s learning solutions emphasize the practical application of techniques and knowledge and use organization specific case studies and exercises in order to increase real-world applicability for the participants.


The Training Solution

Quite frequently, LSG often acts as the “training arm” of its clients.  They provide the administration and expertise to clients that do not have them.  Their ability to be quick and nimble allows them to quickly identify shortfall of an entity’s training programs and adjust their policies in order to meet the goals of the program.  The training solutions include:

  • Business strategy and organizational solutions
  • Management and leadership learning programs
  • Financial analysis
  • Governance, risk and control workshops
  • Learning and development solutions for private banking
  • Experiential simulations in management and development


LSG Approaches

Learning Strategies Group uses an array of approaches, each designed to have the maximum impact for each situation.  Their method of delivery is through experiential simulations, instructor-led workshops, mobile apps and online delivery in both on-demand and real time.  For virtual learning, LSG delivers their material using an array of online approaches that are tailored to each customer’s needs.


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