Verified Certificates

Celebrate your achievements with CFI's secure and verified digital certificates.

Secure and Verified Certificate

Receiving CFI’s official certification is a pivotal moment for a student completing our financial modeling and valuation training. The verified certificate is designed to help you celebrate your achievements and easily share them with your social circle, school, or current and potential employers.

CFI’s digital certificates and badges are easy to view, download, share and verify. We have ensured that all verifiable certificates are secured with bank-level encryption and Blockchain logging, therefore preventing any risk of fraud or fake credentials.



Easily Share your Certificate Online

Within minutes of completing individual CFI courses, you will receive an email with access to a secure link that hosts your verified certificate. Our digital certificates have built-in share options that allow you to celebrate your accomplishments online. Using built-in social sharing tools, you can export the certificate as a PDF file, share it on social channels, embed on a website or in your email signature.

✓ Expand your skills and grow your career

Impress employers with verified certificates that validate your accomplishments

✓ Achieve your goals

Set measurable goals and celebrate your achievements with well-deserved certifications

✓ Share your success

Celebrate your success with your social network! Share your verified certificates through a secured link.



Blockchain Verification

CFI uses blockchain technology to cryptographically generate a record of the credential so that employers can be completely certain that a credential hasn’t been tampered with since being created. This process significantly increases fraud protection and increases the value of your designation.

Once the credential has been recorded on the blockchain it can never be edited, altered, forged, or changed in any way.  If someone creates a phony PDF copy of your designation with their own name or personal details, it won’t be verified by the blockchain record.



Verified digital credentials are a more reliable alternative to paper certifications. Unlike paper copies, digital certificates don’t face the risk of getting lost or delayed in transit.


Verifying CFI Certificates

Our premium verification directory allows employers to look up your credential and validate that all information is accurate and up-to-date.

Employers and schools can verify your certificate using your name and certificate number you have provided them.


Verify Digital Certificate


Paper Certificate Alternative

In addition to verified digital certificates, you can request a physical copy of the final FMVA certification by mail. This feature is a great option for students who wish to display their certification on their home or office wall.

Fill out this form to order your physical certificate by mail.


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