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Earn CPE credits with CFI online courses.

CPE courses

CFI online courses are the best way to earn verifiable CPE credits for CPAs and other accounting designation holders.
Our courses offer hands on training for financial modeling, financial analysis, and accounting topics. Students take our courses to continue developing their skills and technical knowledge and can earn up to 4 CPE credits per course, after successfully completing all the requirements.
Our courses are designed to give students the skills, knowledge and abilities that professionals in public accounting, audit, valuations, and due diligence groups require. For more on each of these career paths, check out our Career Map.
Global accounting firms view CFI classes as investments in their employees. Our courses are designed by industry experts and incorporate industry leading best-practices, technical know-how, and real life examples.

The importance of CPE

CPE credits are great way of ensuring that accounting and finance professionals are keeping themselves up to date with their professional skills. For both technical and social skills, the need for professional development is clear. As an industry, we all benefit if our professional advisors in finance and accounting are up to date with the most current industry practices.
It can so easy to earn a designation such as a CPA or CFA and think that the need to develop simply stops there. That is not the case, however, and we are happy to have designed many courses that will help CPA and other accounting professionals stay current and sharpen their skills.

Verifiable certificate

Employers recognize that people who take CFI courses are committed to improving their professional competency. After successfully completing each course we issue an online and PDF certificate for your records and to manage and track your credits. Additionally, we are able to verify your certification over the phone with an employer if necessary.

Explore our online CPE courses

If you want to earn your CPE credits online, check out our full course catalog to find the right course for you!


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