Tim Vipond

CEO at the Corporate Finance Institute®

Mission and vision at CFI

Tim Vipond
Tim Vipond, CEO at Corporate Finance Institute®

CFI’s mission is to help you advance your career and

become a world class financial analyst.

Our vision is to be the number one resource for

developing and training financial analysts.


Experience and background

Beginning in 2005 Tim Vipond was an active participant in the capital markets with a wide range of experience spanning investment banking, investment management, and corporate development.  He has significant transaction experience at global banks, public companies, and private companies working on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and capital raising.

Tim has a BA from Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH) and an MBA from the Sauder School of Business (Vancouver, BC).  He is passionate about learning, teaching, and financial modeling, all of which he gets to do on a daily basis at CFI.


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