Accountancy Courses

CFI provides leading online accounting courses.

About CFI’s accountancy courses

If you’re considering a career in accounting, it’s important to have a solid understanding and foundation of key principles.  CFI’s accountancy courses give you the building blocks to need to understand how to read financial statements, how to prepare them yourself, and finally, how to analyze them.

CFI’s three most popular accountancy courses are:

  1. Reading Financial Statements
  2. Accounting Fundamentals
  3. Financial Analysis Fundamentals

Below you will see an overview of each of our most popular accounting classes, and brief description, and the price.  Most of our accounting classes are free!


Reading Financial Statements course

Reading Financial Statements is one of our most popular accountancy courses, and it’s 100% free. In this 2-part course, we take a public company’s financial statements and annual report to evaluate its financial strength and help us to make informed decisions.


Accounting Fundamentals course

Accounting Fundamentals is probably our most foundation accountancy course, and definitely one of our most popular.  Luckily, this course is also completely free. This class will walk you through the accounting process, explore the layout of the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement; and demonstrate how to prepare financial statements from the bottom up.

accountancy courses - constructing a balance sheet income statement


Financial Analysis Fundamentals course

Financial Analysis Fundamentals builds on the above two courses and is the most advanced of our accountancy courses.  This class assumes you have a solid understanding of the three financial statements and goes one step further to start analyzing them with ratios and other forms of vertical and horizontal analysis.

This four module course clearly demonstrates how to perform a financial analysis on any organization using a wide variety of ratios derived from its financial statements.


free accounting courses online


More accountancy resources

At CFI, we’re on a mission to help you advance your career.  That means we provide all the tools, training, and templates you need to be a world class financial analyst.

In addition to the accounting courses featured above, we also have a wide range of free resources to help you develop your skills.

Our most popular free resources include:

financial modeling certificate