Free Finance Courses

We are happy to provide 9+ free finance courses to help you move up the ladder and build your career.

What are the free courses CFI offers?

We currently offer several free courses:

Reading Financial Statements

Understand the financial strength of a company and help us to make informed decisions

Accounting Fundamentals

[Popular free finance course] Construct an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow

Excel Crash Course - Spreadsheet Formulas for Finance

[In demand free course] Excel shortcuts, functions, and formulas for financial modeling

Introduction to Corporate Finance

Fundamental overview of capital raising, valuation, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate finance careers

Fundamentals of Credit

Learn the types of loans, types of credit analysis, and credit analyst careers.

Forms of Business Structure

Understand the characteristics of different types of business structure

Math Fundamentals for Capital Markets

Fundamental financial mathematics such as compound interest, future and present value, annuity and NPV

Economics for Capital Markets

Economic principles' impact on financial markets

Introduction to Derivatives

Learn the basics of forward, futures, options, and swap contracts

Why do you offer them for free?

We believe that everyone in the world should have access to high-quality finance training. We are proud to offer our entry-level finance courses for free so you can get a head start against the competition.

What are your instructors’ qualifications?

Our instructors are leading Wall Street training professionals who have all been in the industry for many years and taught new hires at many of the major banks. Even though these courses are free, they are extremely high quality. Please check our instructor biographies for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CFI courses verified?
Yes! Our courses and certificates count as verified Continuing Professional Education for CPA charterholders. We can also verify certificates with employers if you request it.
Does CFI offer free course trials?
Yes! You can enroll in a free trial of our premium courses by clicking the “Free Preview” button on the course page.
Do you only offer your courses in English?
Yes - All our courses and communication are only conducted in English. However, CFI is a global institution with over 200,000 students worldwide taking our training to advance their careers. The curriculum is designed to be applicable at an international level and does not focus on a specific region. Hence, non-native English speakers are able to take our courses as well.
How much time do I have to complete the courses?
All of our lectures, study materials, and exams are online, allowing you to set your own schedule and complete the training at your own pace. Hence, there is no specific deadline to complete to any of the courses and all of them come with two years of access to the materials!
How do I get my course completion certificate?
Your free digital certificate will be automatically emailed to you within 24-48 hours, in PDF format, after successfully completing the course. You can follow the steps below in order to mark the course as 100% complete and receive your certificate: - Enroll in any certificate level course - Download the included Excel files - Complete all of the video-based chapters - Complete the exercises in your downloaded Excel files - Pass all of the final assessments with an 80% grade (you can always retake the final assessments) Make sure that all of the sections in the course are marked with green checkmarks by clicking the green "Next" button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You can access your course certificate from the completion email, or under My Certifications > My Transcripts > View Certificates.
Can I retake the courses?
Yes, of course! To retake the entire course, you can mark each section as incomplete by clicking “Mark as Incomplete” in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will decrease the course progress back to 0% so you can take the course from the start.
Can I view the courses on PC or Mac?
All of our lectures, study materials, and exams are online and accessible through a web browser, hence you should have no problem viewing the material on PC or Mac. The only major difference would be the Excel keyboard shortcuts on Mac since not all of them have an equivalent (especially the ones containing the Alt key) and have to be done manually due to differences between operating systems. While this will take a little more time; you will be able to arrive at the same results and conduct the same calculations.
Can I take multiple courses at the same time?
Yes! Since all of our courses are self-taught & self-paced, you can take more than one course at a time.
Can I pause my training?
All of our lectures, study materials, and exams are online, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, allowing you to complete the program at your own pace. Hence, there is no specific timeline for any of our courses and you can pause your training and pick up where you left off at any time!
How do I access my student dashboard?
You can access your student dashboard by signing into your CFI™ account and clicking “My Dashboard” at the top of the page.
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