Machine Learning & Python Courses: India Checkout (INR)

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Python Fundamentals

  • Write and execute basic Python code to perform advanced calculation, generate outputs, create variables, abstract from data, etc.
  • Create and manipulate important data structures such as lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries
  • Use for loops and conditional logic to create your own custom functions
  • Import external packages including NumPy and Pandas
  • Generate random integers and samples
  • Filter, segment, and summarize data

Applied Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Identify overfit regression models
  • Compare different regularized regression algorithms and decision tree ensemble algorithms
  • Explain the confusion matrix and its relation to the ROC curve
  • Construct training data sets, testing data sets, and model pipelines
  • Perform advanced data cleaning, exploration, and visualization
  • Engineer features based on conditional relationships between existing features
  • Build and finalize a machine learning classifier


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