How to Add a CFI® Certificate to LinkedIn

How to Add a CFI® Certificate to LinkedIn

Here is a step-by-step guide with images on how to add your CFI® certificate on LinkedIn. It is needless to say that you should have completed a Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)® Course first! Our certificates are online and have blockchain security. Here is an example of one of our online certificates. It is really simple to add them to your LinkedIn profile. Please see the steps below:


Step 1 – Go to My Account

Go to My Account on your dashboard. You can find this under your profile, as shown:



Step 2 – Select the Certificate you want to add to your LinkedIn profile

Click on the “Certificates” tab to see all your earned certificates. Then, click on the view option for the certificate you want to add to your LinkedIn profile. A new tab will open which will display your certificate:



Step 3 – Copy URL from Certificate Tab

On the certificate page, copy the URL on the address bar. Keep the tab open as you will need your Certificate Number found on the bottom right of the certificate, the Issue Date found on the bottom left of the certificate, and the Course Name.



Step 4 – Select + under Licenses & Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile

Go to your LinkedIn profile, and click on the “+” sign which will prompt a pop-up window to appear in order to add the Certificate.



Step 5 – Add the course name and CFI

Add the Name of the Certificate, and search for Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI) under “Issuing Organization” as shown:



Step 6 – Paste URL and add more information

Paste the URL from the Credential Tab, which was opened earlier. Add the issue date (found on your certificate), and select “this certification does not expire”. Add the Credential ID, found on the bottom left of the certificate.  Click Save.



Step 7 – Congratulations! You’re done!

Congratulations, you should see your Certificate displayed under Licenses & Certifications. Click on “See Credential” to make sure that it’s linked correctly.




If you have any issues, please send an email to [email protected] We would be happy to further assist you with placing your earned CFI certificate into your LinkedIn Profile or with any other inquiry you may have.


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