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What is NIBC?

The National Investment Banking Competition (NIBC) brings together 1,600 students, from over 100 universities, competing to be recognized as the best team in the case competition. Parallel to the competition is a conference which brings together hundreds more students and investment banking professionals to network and develop their technical skills.

NIBC is well sponsored with the help of 17 investment banks, 12 private equity firms, and asset management firms as well as 14 law firms, accounting firms, and listed corporations.

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The Investment Banking Case Competition

The NIBC case competition is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who want to utilize and develop skills in financial modeling and pitching based on a real-world simulation of an investment banking transaction.

Register here for the competition.


CFI Training Partner

CFI is proud to be a training partner and sponsor of NIBC.  As a partner, CFI provides broad support for the competition, including prizes, training simulations, and marketing support.  CFI is a leading global provider of online financial modeling courses geared toward students and professionals in investment banking, equity research, and other areas of the capital markets.


Financial Modeling and Conference Prep

Looking for an edge at the competition?

Check out CFI’s investment banking courses to master financial modeling and company valuation in advance of the competition.

In addition to courses, CFI has a wide range of IB career resources and self-study guides to get you ready for a career in investment banking or any other area of the financial sector.


Source: CFI financial modeling courses.


Additional Resources

Thanks for reading CFI’s guide to the NIBC. CFI hopes you decide to register for the NIBC to help advance your career and break into investment banking or other areas of Wall Street. To keep learning and progressing your career, these additional CFI resources will help you on your way:

  • Financial Modeling Best Practices
  • How to Be a Great Financial Analyst
  • DCF Modeling Guide
  • Advanced Excel Formulas

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Get certified as a financial analyst with CFI’s FMVA® Program.

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