Financial Modeling Best Practices eBook

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Financial Modeling Best Practices eBook

CFI’s Financial Modeling Best Practices eBook is free and available for anyone to download as a pdf. The eBook is a comprehensive guide on excel modeling formatting, popular valuation techniques, and effective communication of your analysis. Originally created as a resource for our Financial Modeling Competition, it is now available for all!

The official Financial Model Best Practices eBook from the Corporate Finance Institute is an 84-page summary of standards to follow when creating a financial model. The standards will provide you with a framework to follow and help you communicate effectively the findings from your model. We hope you find this book useful in assisting you with attaining your future goals.

CFI’s Financial Modeling Best Practices ebook is divided into five chapters. Below is a detailed breakdown of what’s included in each chapter.

Below is a quick overview of the Table of Contents of the eBook:

Financial Modeling Best Practices ebook

1. Financial Modeling

  • What is Financial Modeling
  • Types of Financial Models
  • Financial Modeling Best Practices
  • Financial Modeling Skills

2. Valuation

  • Valuation Methods
  • DCF Analysis
  • Business Valuations

3. Excel

  • List of Excel shortcuts
  • Excel Formulas cheat sheet
  • Advanced Excel Formulas

4. Presentation

  • Investment banking PitchBook

5. Data Visualization

  • Overview of Dashboards and Data
  • Visualization Types of Graphs
  • Football Field Chart
  • Excel Waterfall Chart

Additional resources

CFI’s Financial Modeling Best Practices ebook is a great guide on how to create a professional Model.  Whether you are a student or professional, this book is a great way to get a lot of information in one highly organized format.

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