Training The Street

This article compares CFI and Training The Street (TTS) for financial modeling and financial analysis training.

CFI vs. Training The Street

Training The Street (TTS) is based in New York and operates as a financial modeling training company for many investment banks.  Training The Street was founded by Scott Rustand in 1999 and its main training facility is in New York.

TTS’s main focus is in-person training, however, it does provide a wider range of online courses as well,

At CFI we are a huge believer in the benefits of e-learning, due to the increased comprehension students get, as well as improved affordability and lifetime access.

Online course topics

TTS and CFI offer a broad range of financial modeling and corporate valuation topics.  At CFI our main focus is on the following subjects:

More than just online courses

Our mission at CFI is to help you advance your career.  For that reason we have designed a diverse range of resources to help you navigate your career path as a financial analyst.

Exploring our interactive career map is a great way to get started in planning your career.

From there you may want to check out our full list of resources.

Financial modeling coaching

CFI instructors are well known for both their exceptional teaching and their professional experience.  This combination means you get effective communicators who also have a broad background of real world experience to drawn on.

Whether you’re looking for Excel shortcuts or the most important formulas, we provide you with industry leading best practices for financial modeling.

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