Credit Risk Analyst Salary

How much does a credit risk analyst earn?

What is the Credit Risk Analyst Salary?

In the US, as of 2019, the average credit risk analyst salary is $62,545 annually. The salary varies depending on the skills, education, and number of years of work experience. If you’re a credit risk analyst with less than one year of work experience, you can expect an average annual compensation of $56,126. If you have up to four years of work experience, you can earn up to $64,241. On the other hand, the salary of those with five to nine years of work experience can reach $77,172 annually.

Credit Risk Analyst Salary

Interested in working in the finance industry as a credit risk analyst? You must have at least a bachelor’s degree in statistics, economics, or a related field. With a strong understanding of financial concepts such as payment processes and consumer and commercial lending, you’ll be responsible for evaluating the credit risk of clients and performing risk analyses using financial and credit records. As you gain more work experience, you can move forward in your career and become a credit risk manager, an analyst in credit risk management, or a vice-president in commercial lending.

Credit Risk Analyst Salaries in US Cities


New York, NY$77,263
Dallas, TX$75,000
Chicago, IL$68,727
Houston, TX$67,960
Atlanta, GA$57,325
Salt Lake City, UT$53,440
Miami, FL$51,600

Popular Employer Salaries for Credit Risk Analysts

Bank of America$83,008
Freddie Mac$91,000
U.S. Bank$69,027
J.P. Morgan$71,921
Clayton Holdings$40,866
Goldman Sachs$54,991
HSBC Holdings$74,597

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