CFI Business Case Competition

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About the CFI Business Case Competition

The CFI business case competition is an annual financial modeling event where contestants build Excel models to value a business, based on a set of financial information. The event is designed to apply the entire body of knowledge from the FMVA™ certification program and provides an opportunity for contestants to win up to $10,000 of cash prizes. Register for the event at https://financialmodeling.org/



Financial Modeling Business Case Overview

All participants who enter the competition will be issued a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) or data pack, which contains detailed financial information about a company, as well as industry research and other pertinent information to value the company.

The CFI Business Case Competition data pack includes:

  • Historical financial results
  • Management biographies and backgrounds
  • Industry trends and data
  • Forecasts and projection provided by management
  • Macroeconomic information
  • Risks and other factors

Based on the information above, participants must develop their own financial model in Excel and arrive at a valuation for the business.  They will then take this valuation and make an assessment about whether or not the private equity firm they represent should acquire the company, and if so, how much they should pay for it and how they should structure the deal.


Enter the CFI Business Case Competition

Enter the CFI Financial Modeling Case Competition to go head-to-head with the best financial modeling analysts from around the world. The competition is open to anyone (undergraduate students, MBA students, and working professionals) and is completed in one round, 100% online.

Enroll in the event at https://financialmodeling.org/


Enter the CFI Business Case Competition


Prizes and Awards

There are cash prizes for contestants who finish in the top 3 positions in the competition, as well as global rankings that are published listing the top 20 finishing analysts.

Prizes include:

  • $1,000 for third place
  • $2,000 for second place
  • $7,000 for first place


Additional Resources

For your best shot at winning the CFI Business Case Competition, check out these helpful CFI resources to improve your financial modeling skills.

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  • What is Sensitivity Analysis?
  • Mergers Acquisitions (M&A) Process
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Financial Analyst Certification

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