Macabacus Excel Add-Ins

A free Excel add-in to enhance your financial modeling

What is Macabacus Lite?

Macabacus Lite is a free Excel add-in that is a subset of the complete version of Macabacus Pro and can be used to enhance financial modeling.  Main features of the software include formula auditing, dynamic tables of contents, presentation proofing, links between PowerPoint and Excel, shared libraries, charting, and more.

This add-in is suitable for both corporate and personal use. Small organizations and businesses that have tight budgets may use the Lite version since it can be downloaded without incurring any costs. The Lite version provides a small subset of the features and functionality of the Pro version, but at no cost.

Here is the link to download a trial of Macabacus:


Use in Financial Modeling

Macabacus Excel add-ins can be useful in enhancing your financial modeling by speeding up the process of auditing formulas and creating live links between your financial model and your PowerPoint or Word documents that are used for presentations.  To learn more about beginner to advanced financial modeling techniques check out our full suite of online financial modeling courses.


Macabacus can help financial modeling


Macabacus Lite vs. Pro

Macabacus Pro is different from the Lite version in that it is packed with more features and functionalities that are not available in the free tier. If you are looking for a software program that you can use to enhance various types of financial models and different presentations in a more efficient way, the Pro version of the software is the one to get. It has lots of features, including power modeling tools, workbook optimization, advanced formula auditing, charting tools, and enterprise deployment, among many others.

On the other hand, Macabacus Lite is designed for smaller organizations. It has a subset of the functionality of the Pro version, which is enough for certain organizations. You can actually use the Lite version free on up to 5 virtual machines or computers for commercial use. Enterprises with a few employees can use Lite and all the functionalities it can offer.  To jump start your financial modeling, check out our free financial modeling guide.

In as much as Macabacus relaxes its limits, there are cases where the organization may exceed those limits, in which case, the organization is prohibited from using the Lite version. If you buy the Pro/Suite license, you cannot download and install the Lite version to ensure consistency in user experience.


Can’t Download Macabacus Lite?

If you are having a problem downloading the Macabacus Lite version, check to see if you are experiencing technical issues. If it is not a browser issue that is preventing you from downloading the software, you may not be able to download it due to the following reasons:

  • The organization has already reached its size limits.

  • You provided incorrect information on the form when you downloaded the software.

  • Your organization has purchased a Pro/Suite license.


Installation Instructions

Installing Macabacus Lite is fast and easy. Here are the steps for a quick download and installation:

  1. Download the Macabacus20xx.exe installer.

  2. Run the installer program.

  3. Activate the software. If you have not used the software before, you will have to provide an email address. Just enter the email address of the user to activate the software.


More Reading

We hope this has been a helpful guide to the differences between the Macabacus Lite and Pro software.  Both versions can be helpful for enhancing your financial modeling in Excel.  To learn more about modeling and best practices, we’ve published several free guides to help you out:

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