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What is Macabacus?

Macabacus offers comprehensive add-in solutions for finance professionals that significantly increase their productivity in using leading Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Tailored to the unique needs of finance professionals worldwide, Macabacus’ productivity add-ins help automate and expedite tasks in Office. Learn more at https://macabacus.com.


With its wide array of features, Macabacus can be particularly useful in financial modeling. The add-ins help reduce errors from building financial models and create higher-quality documents and presentations faster. 

The software’s main features include formula auditing, charting tools, presentation proofing, dynamic table of contents, reliable linking between Excel and PowerPoint/Word, shared libraries, and many others.

Macabacus Excel Add-in

The Macabacus Excel add-in can be useful in enhancing a user’s financial modeling skills. From advanced keyboard shortcuts to pre-built formulas, financial analysts can perform accurate and efficient analysis using the Macabacus add-in. The formula auditing tools help identify and correct errors and inconsistencies in the financial models, speeding up the modeling process.

The Excel add-in also lets users create reliable links between the financial model and the PowerPoint or Word documents that are used for presentations. Links between different documents can be refreshed with the click of a button, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all documents.

To learn more about beginner to advanced financial modeling techniques, check out our full suite of online financial modeling courses.

Macabacus Excel Add-in for Financial Modeling

Macabacus PowerPoint Add-in

Finance, consulting, marketing, and other professionals can use the Macabacus PowerPoint add-in to check for inconsistencies and errors in the formatting, layout, grammar/spelling, and content of their PowerPoint presentations before sending the documents to print or to clients. 

Using dozens of customizable rules, Macabacus’ proofing tools perform more than a hundred checks, such as bullet indentation inconsistencies, deviation from Slide Master layouts, and missing footnotes. The add-in helps eliminate mistakes and ensure the highest possible quality of the presentation.

In addition, the PowerPoint add-in’s agenda tool allows the synchronization of a presentation’s table of contents, section title shapes, and “flysheet slides” along with the native PowerPoint sections in the document. Changes take place simultaneously across the section and subsections of the presentation. 

Shared Libraries

Macabacus’ shared libraries serve as repositories for templates and content intended for frequent reuse across an organization. The libraries facilitate the preparation and standardization of the quality and appearance of the materials produced by a single user, a team, or an entire company. 

The content that can be found in a Macabacus library may include text, tables, slides, charts, images, shapes, and archived decks. The library may also contain model, presentation, and document templates.

Macabacus and CFI

On March 19, 2021, the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) announced the acquisition of Macabacus, creating the most in-depth platform for online finance training and development in the world. The combined entity offers finance professionals top-notch hands-on training and the leading tool kit for financial modeling, valuation, capital markets, credit analysis, business intelligence, and data analysis.

All CFI students are eligible for an extended (six-month) free access to the Macabacus add-in. To experience all Macabacus tools for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, sign up for full-featured Macabacus access. If you are new to Macabacus and want to learn how to use it, look no further than CFI’s free Macabacus Essentials Course.

Go to https://macabacus.com/ now to take your financial analysis to the next level!

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