Football Field Chart

This article outlines what a football field chart is, how to make one, and includes a downloadable Excel template.

What is a football field chart?

A football field chart is used to summarize a range of values for a business, based on different valuation methods.

The purpose of the chart is to show how much someone might be willing to pay for a business, whether acquiring all of it, part of it, or even a single share (depending on the audience).


Why is it called a football field?

The bars look like yard lines on a football field, and hence the name. Also, the graph is commonly used in investment banking, and bankers like sports analogies.

Why use a football field chart?

The reason it’s used is to visually show what the range of values for a business are and see where, an average, a target valuation lies compared to several alternatives. It’s common to see these charts in an investment banking pitchbook or equity research report.

How do you make a football field chart?

Football fields are easy to make in Excel using the stock chart option.

Here are the steps of how to make a football field chart in Excel:

  1. Create a table in Excel with the range of values
  2. Insert a stock chart type called Open-Low-High-Close
  3. Set the Open and Low values as being the same
  4. Set the High and Close values as being the same

Download our free football field chart template here.


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