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All Access Membership (all 70+ courses + 4 certification programs) starting at $87/month
Individual certification programs: $497 (Self-study), $847 (Full-Immersion)

Virtual training public courses: Enhanced FMCV – $7000 for full course
Advanced topics – $500 per module
Undergraduate boot camp – $3750
Evening essentials (8 session course) – $3800
Average price – $1250 per day

Number of Courses Included

All Access Membership: ALL 70+ courses + 4 certification programs

Individual certification options:

1. FMVA® – 26 Course Catalog
2. CBCA™ – 29 Course Catalog
3. CMSA® – 19 Course Catalog
4. BIDA – 7 Courses available now; Full Certification Coming Soon

Complete Bundle – Includes: Excel Best Practices Course Pack, Financial Modeling Course Pack, Accounting, Fundamentals of Corporate Valuation Course Pack, Merger Modeling, Relative Valuation

Valuation & Modeling bundle;

Comprehensive Modeling Course;


Individual courses

Hours of Training Required

Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst FMVA® – 120-200 Hours of online training and exercises

Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst CBCA™ – 60-100 Hours of online training and exercises

Capital Markets & Securities Analyst CMSA® – 60-100 Hours of online training and exercises

Business Intelligence & Data Analyst (BIDA)™ – Coming Soon

69-86 hours of online training for the complete bundle only

Downloadable resources

Exercises and Template Files





Final exam (Certification)

Yes. Currently, FMVA® and CBCA™ students are required to complete the final exam to earn their certifications .

Training The Street does not have a final exam

CPE Credits

Yes. Get 115+ hours of CPE Credits Online with CFI


Reputation and Reviews
Number of Students worldwide


1,000 students per month

Award-Winning Customer Support Team

CFI’s Award-Winning Customer Service Team is available around the clock via email and phone and also offers an extensive Help Centre
24/7 support

Student Support is available within 24 months from purchase date

Used by investment banks and firms to formally train analysts and associates

Yes. Visit our Business & Corporate Finance Training Page to learn more about getting your team trained.


Instructor Experience

Instructors have 22+ Years of experience

Training The Street was founded in 1999



Trustpilot score

4.9 out of 5
Read our Trustpilot reviews to hear what our students and grads have to say!


Special Bonuses and Perks
Access to all Newly Added Courses



Integrations and Other Benefits

With CFI, students get access to S&P Capital IQ, PitchBook, IBISWorld, and more. Visit our Integrations page for details.


Free Resources

CFI has an extensive library with finance dictionary terms and career resources, all of which are completely free. Our Youtube channel is updated often.

Training The Street offers books, articles, videos, etc.

Free Program and Course Previews

Yes. The prep courses associated with each program are offered for free to anyone who creates an account with CFI. It is intended to be an opportunity for students to sample the material and see if CFI’s platform is right for them before they purchase our paid program content.

Free previews

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Alexandr Palienko
"Strongly recommend to everyone who wants to receive new careers opportunities and enhance their knowledge in finance. CFI FMVA is perfect opportunity for everyone to obtain neccess..."
Anirudh Ganeshan
"This course was very detailed and structured. I would definitely recommend this Certification for any budding Financial Analyst. "
Benjamin Briner
" I believe the program fully performs what it promises, bridging the gap between work and higher education. For me it means an added value that I cannot describe in words. The prog..."
"CFI delivers an outstanding online education for any aspiring finance professional. The well-arranged dashboard, the top-notch produced video lectures, interactive exercises, and q..."
Herold Marc
" I am very satisfied with the FMVA certification, now I am able to build a 3 statements model from scratch. I know how to build an adavanced financial modeling,make a DCF Analysis ..."
Jierong Yi
"Before starting the CFI courses, I have zero financial background, but I know I love mathematics, I believe in my reasoning and analytical skills. So I went forward to take all the..."
Khaja Moinuddin
"I am very honored to become a “Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)®. Financial Analysts are really the nerds of accounting; I say that in a loving..."
"CFI’s FMVA program equipped me with real world; financial modeling & business valuation skills which helped me land my first job as an Investment Analyst. Thanks a bunch ..."