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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I purchase an individual certification program?
All of our world-renowned certification programs and specializations are available to our all-access customers and are not offered for individual purchases. All-access customers have access to the entire CFI training library—including all programs, courses, templates, case studies, and models—for one single price per year.
Do you have a monthly billing option for this subscription plan?
No. We do not offer a monthly billing option or monthly subscription plans. However, our annual subscription plans give you discounted access to all our courses and the flexibility to complete all the courses you wish to take for an entire year.
What payment methods do you accept?
This is a recurring annual payment, and we accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
Can I pay in another currency?
We are a Canadian company; however, because most of our students are based in the US, our courses/programs are priced at USD.
Are there any additional fees to maintain my certification?
None, once you have earned a certification, it will never expire.
How long does it normally take for one to complete a certification program?
Each of the programs/bundles takes an average of 4-6 months to complete. However, you are given the freedom to complete all of the training at your own pace! All required courses, resources, and assessments to obtain the certifications will be provided for as long as your subscription is active.
Are CFI courses useful outside of the Certification Programs?
Absolutely! Numerous customers rely on CFI courses for continuous professional development to solve day-to-day business challenges in their roles.
Will my subscription automatically renew if I sign up?
Your subscription is set to automatically renew unless you turn automatic renewals off.
I have a discount code. Can I apply this discount code towards this subscription plan?
Yes, you can apply promotional discounts toward this subscription plan. See here for instructions on how to enter a discount code. Please note that financial aid grants do not apply to this subscription plan.
What is Macabacus? Do I need it?
Macabacus is a Microsoft Office add-on that provides advanced tools and shortcuts for Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. It helps financial analysts increase their efficiency by performing complex analyses more quickly and standardizing PowerPoint presentations. Your CFI Full Immersion membership includes an annual Macabacus subscription worth $300 at no extra cost.
If you haven’t found your answer from our FAQ, please send us a message.