I would recommend all finance students to pursue these courses
Why did you choose to take CFI training?

As a Financial Analyst, I was looking for a course to gain the practical knowledge on building models for business valuation. I googled courses related to business valuation and corporate finance, watched videos on YouTube, and even contacted some of CFI’s alumni on LinkedIn to get their feedback. Finally, I came to the conclusion that CFI was the right training for what I was looking for and enrolled in the FMVA program.

How has our training impacted your skills and improved your career?

The key thing about this program is that it is designed to meet the real needs of working professionals. The courses contain a lot of material on Financial Modeling, Budgeting, Forecasting, Business Valuation, Corporate Finance, advanced Excel tools, charts, graphs, and dashboards. The training has significantly improved my knowledge of financial models and dashboards in Excel, which made my work faster and look more professional. With the help of these courses and given templates, I now feel confident in business valuation.

What did you enjoy most about your experience with CFI?

CFI courses are organized step-by-step and are designed to cover all aspects of practical on-the-job tasks. The instructors explain the topics very well, keeping in mind the needs of finance professionals.

The CFI team is very professional and their response time is fast. The Excel templates are very good and can be modified and used based on the user’s requirements.

Which was your favorite course?

I liked all the courses but the courses which I liked the most are:

• Advanced Excel Formulas
• Business Valuation Modeling
• Dashboards & Data Visualization
• Sensitivity Analysis for Financial Modeling

I liked these courses because these are relevant to my real work life and they taught me how to complete my task fasters in a professional and presentable manner.

What advice do you have for new and future students?

Based on my personal experience with CFI and its team, I would recommend all finance students to pursue these courses. The course package is not very pricey in comparison to courses offered by other institutions and, moreover, it provides real-life professional learning.

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