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CPE Credits Online

Earn CPE credits with CFI online courses

Earn 115 CPE Credits

CFI online courses count as verifiable CPE credits for CPAs and other accounting designation holders. Our courses offer hands-on training for financial modeling, financial analysis, and accounting topics. Students take our courses to continue developing their skills and technical knowledge. They can earn 115.5 CPE credits in total, after successfully completing all courses in CFI’s program.

Our courses are designed to give students the skills, knowledge, and abilities that professionals in public accounting, audit, valuations, and due diligence groups require. For more on each of these career paths, check out our Career Map.

Global accounting firms view CFI classes as investments in their employees. Our courses are designed by industry experts and incorporate industry-leading best-practices, technical know-how, and real-life examples.

CPE Credits per Course

Course NameCPE CreditsLevelCategories
5 Cs of Credit 1.5 Basic 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Account Monitoring and Warning Signs 1.5 Intermediate 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Advanced Excel Formulas Course 3.5 Advanced 27769,135295,210418,236092,280794,405159,412505,434923,529355,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Advanced Financial Modeling & Valuation (Amazon Case) 6.5 Advanced 27769,236092,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,781667,818234,839265
Applied Machine Learning Algorithms 5.5 Intermediate 541477,577710
Assessing Drivers of Business Growth 1.5 Intermediate 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Assessing Management 2 Intermediate 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Behavioral Finance 2 Intermediate 12699,25578,32498,280794,434923,723012,723016,839265,903634,903657
Budgeting and Forecasting 4.5 Intermediate 12699,27769,210418,236092,280794,341177,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Building a 3 Statement Financial Model 3.5 Intermediate 12699,19400,19401,25578,27769,32498,210418,236092,238077,280794,341177,405159,412505,434923,563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,781667,818234,839265
Business Valuation Modeling 4.5 Intermediate 12699,19400,27769,32498,206997,207464,236092,238077,280794,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,781667,818234,839265
Business Writing Fundamentals 1.5 Intermediate 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Cash Flow Cycles and Analysis 1.5 Intermediate 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Completing a Credit Application 2 Intermediate 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Corporate & Business Strategy 4.5 Advanced 27769,236092,341177,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Credit Administration and Documentation 1 Intermediate 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Dashboards & Data Visualization 3.5 Intermediate 27769,210418,236092,280794,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Economics for Capital Markets 2 Basic 575825,723012,723016,839265,903634,903657
Evaluating a Business Plan 2 Intermediate 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Excel Crash Course - Spreadsheet Formulas for Finance 3 Basic 12699,19401,27769,29321,32498,135189,135292,135295,236092,238077,280794,405159,412505,434923,529355,613864,613872,613876,613879,781667,818234,839265
Excel Crash Course For Finance 3 Basic
Excel Modeling Fundamentals 2 Basic 12699,19400,19401,25578,32498,238077,280794,434923
Financial Analysis Fundamentals 4.5 Intermediate 12699,19401,25578,27769,32498,206997,210418,236092,280794,405159,412505,434923,563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,781667,818234,839265
Financial Modeling using VBA 3 Advanced 19400,25578,32498,280794,434923
Fixed Income Fundamentals 1.5 Intermediate 12699,19401,32498,280794,434923,575825,613864,613872,613876,613879,723012,723016,781667,839265,903634,903657
Forms of Business Structure 1 Basic 29321,563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model 2 Intermediate 12699,27769,32498,210418,236092,280794,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Fundamentals of Credit 1.5 Basic 29321,563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Introduction to Corporate Finance 2.5 Basic 12699,19401,27769,29321,135189,135292,135295,236092,280794,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,781667,818234,839265
Introduction to Derivatives 2.5 Intermediate 29321,575825,723012,723016,839265,903634,903657
Leveraged Buyout LBO Modeling 5 Advanced 27769,236092,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Loan Covenants 2 Intermediate 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Loan Security 1.5 Intermediate 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Machine Learning for Finance - Python Fundamentals 3 Basic 541477,577710
Math for Corporate Finance 2.5 Basic 12699,19401,27769,32498,236092,280794,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Modeling 4 Advanced 27769,236092,238077,280794,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,781667,818234,839265
Mining Financial Model & Valuation 2.5 Advanced 19400,27769,32498,236092,280794,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
PowerPoint & Pitchbooks 4.5 Intermediate 27769,236092,405159,412505,434923,529355,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Reading Business Financial Information 3 Basic 563389,596036,596090,596091,613864,613872,613876,613879,839265
Real Estate Financial Modeling 3 Advanced 27769,236092,280794,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Renewable Energy - Solar Financial Modeling Course 3 Advanced 27769,236092,405159,412505,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis in Excel 1.5 Intermediate 12699,19400,25578,27769,32498,210418,236092,238077,280794,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Startup / e-Commerce Financial Model & Valuation Course 4 Advanced 19400,27769,32498,236092,280794,405159,412505,434923,613864,613872,613876,613879,818234,839265
Total CPE Credits120.5


Corporate Finance Institute® is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education (CPE) on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website: www.NASBAregistry.org.

CFI’s Sponsor Identification Number (Registry ID): 139079

Approved Delivery Method: QAS Self Study

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Verifiable Certificates

CPAs across all states in the U.S. and most provinces in Canada recognize CFI courses as verified CPE credits that help their members improve their professional competency.

After successfully completing each course, the PDF certificate to claim your credits can be downloaded from your student dashboard. Additionally, we can verify your certification over the phone with an employer if necessary.

CFI courses currently count as verifiable CPE credits for American CPAs and CPD credits for Canadian CPAs.

*For Canadian CPAs, please contact your local CPA body for information regarding the CPD credits and enrollment details.

The Importance of CPE Credits

CPE credits are a great way of ensuring that accounting and finance professionals are keeping themselves up to date with their professional skills. For both technical and social skills, the need for professional development is clear. As an industry, we all benefit if our professional advisors in finance and accounting are up to date with the most current industry practices.
It can be so easy for professionals to earn a CPA or CFA® designation and think that their need to develop simply stops there. That is not the case, however, and we are happy to have designed many courses that will help CPA and other accounting professionals stay current and sharpen their skills.

CPE Credits by Course Topic

CFI is a leading global provider of financial analyst training. Areas of expertise include financial modeling, business valuation, Excel skills, and advanced financial analysis. CFI’s mission is simple… to give you the tools and training you need to become a world-class financial analyst.

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More Resources for CPE Credits

CFI is committed to helping anyone become a world-class financial analyst. These additional resources will be helpful in the planning and management of your continuing professional education credits.