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Financial Planning and Wealth Management is the most self-empowering topic that you can learn about today. Before pursuing a career in financial services - an investment banker, hedge fund manager, or institutional investor - you should prioritize being your own finance professional first. Being knowledgeable, educated, and invested in your personal financial wellbeing is an unequivocally important part of life. Read more
At CFI, our Financial Planning and Wealth Management courses are 100-percent online and completely self-paced, so you can develop your personal finance skills at the time that works best for you. All courses leverage proprietary technology to enhance learning and engagement to help you achieve your learning goals.

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Our library of Financial Planning and Wealth Management courses covers a topic that is for anyone and everyone that wants to empower themselves with the knowledge to take control of their financial well-being. Aspiring Financial Planners and Wealth Advisors can get deep, real-world insights into the field without combing LinkedIn for connections and reaching out, and general knowledge seekers can empower themselves with the knowledge to navigate their personal financial goals.

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What is Wealth Management?: Strategies, Services, and Benefits


Wealth Management vs Investment Banking: A Guide to Deciding Which Role is Right for You

The two roles are common career paths in the financial sector but are quite different
wealth-management career

Form 8-K

Understanding Form 8-K, a highly common filing in the U.S.
wealth-management capital-markets

Maximizing Returns: Understanding MOIC in Private Equity


Form ADV


Rule of 70


Venture Capital - Types of Financing

The different types of security instruments used by venture capital firms when investing in early stage companies
wealth-management capital-markets articles


Member-owned organizations whose goals are to satisfy their members’ social, economic, and cultural needs
wealth-management articles

Private Wealth Career Profile

A guide to careers in private wealth management
wealth-management capital-markets asset-mgmt articles

Win/Loss Ratio

"Success Ratio"
wealth-management capital-markets articles

Glide Path

The change in a target date fund’s asset mix as time goes by
wealth-management capital-markets articles

Bag Holder

An individual who holds on to poorly performing investments
wealth-management capital-markets articles

Why Learn Wealth Management with CFI?

As a leading provider of online finance certification programs, CFI helps current and aspiring finance professionals reach their career goals. All of our courses are designed by industry professionals that have demonstrated success in their field and have a passion for mentoring and passing on the knowledge they gained in the field. 

We offer a comprehensive educational experience that combines theory with application to building real-world applied skills. All programs are online and self-paced, so you can learn in your free time and develop your skill set anytime, from anywhere.

Who should take these courses?

Wealth management topics are ideal for students and professionals looking to pursue or advance a career as a portfolio manager, asset manager, wealth management advisor, and other capital markets careers.

Investment professionals

Management consultants

Financial analysts

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is more than just investment advice – it encompasses a person’s full financial life, including estate planning and taxes. Individuals with high wealth benefit from the integrated approach of wealth management, rather than individual finance products, and the strategic plan for current and future needs.

What Do Wealth Management Advisors Do?

Wealth managers often provide services in any aspect of the finance field, while others may specialize in certain areas like cross-border wealth management.

What is Asset Management vs. Wealth Management?

Asset management is the management of assets, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and other investments. Asset managers determine the best investment strategy for an individual’s financial situation. Wealth management focuses on a broad spectrum of financial services and products, including legacy planning, education planning, tax planning, charitable giving, and more.

If you haven’t found your answer from our FAQ, please send us a message.
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