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Data science is in high demand across industries. Many organizations need data scientists to analyze and interpret data and use it to inform decision-making processes, and machine learning is one of the many tools of a data scientist. Read more
BIDA's Machine Learning courses are 100 percent online and self-paced, so you can learn at the time that works best for you. Our proprietary technology and leading instructors promote the best possible environment for learning and retention so that you can build your skill set for your future career.

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With a focus on finance topics, CFI boasts a range of Machine Learning courses that cover important topics for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Our courses are designed for aspiring or current professionals in the finance field looking to expand their knowledge of machine learning for data science. These courses are part of the Machine Learning for Finance program by CFI and Machine Learning Edge, which focuses on machine learning and data science for finance and investing.

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Why Learn Machine Learning with CFI?

CFI is one of the leading organizations for finance analyst certification programs. We offer a range of courses and certification programs covering valuable finance disciplines and topics, all developed with the aid of Wall Street trainers with over 20 years of experience teaching new hires at global investment firms.

Our courses are completely online and self-paced, so you can take them anytime, and from anywhere. Complete your training when it works best for you and build your skills for a future in finance fields.

With our Machine Learning courses, you can learn:

The data science cycle and machine learning process
The key metrics used to evaluate machine learning model
Strategies for constructing an unbiased sample
Input/output formatting
How to build custom functions
How to compare different regularized regression algorithms and decision tree ensemble algorithms
How to perform advanced data cleaning, exploration, and visualization

Who should take these courses?

Our Machine Learning course options can be used for finance students or professionals looking to expand their skill set with machine learning for finance and investing. From Python Machine Learning to Statistics Fundamentals, these courses are valuable for learning how to analyze complex data. Machine Learning courses are part of the Business Intelligence & Data Analyst (BIDA)™ program and the Machine Learning for Finance program, a machine learning certificate focused on machine learning for investing and finance.

Investment professionals

Management consultants

Financial analysts

Registered Provider: National Association of State Boards of Accountancy

All courses are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), CPA Institutions in Canada, and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in the US. Most courses qualify for verified CPE credits for CPA charter holders.

Courses include video lessons, quizzes, and final assessments.

Frequently asked questions

What is Data Science & Machine Learning?
Data science is a broad, interdisciplinary field that uses data to gain insights and inform decision-making. Machine learning is part of the wider data science field and a branch of artificial intelligence and computer science that uses data and algorithms to mimic human decision-making.
What Can I Do With Courses in Data Science and Machine Learning?
Machine learning is a growing technology that is likely to become more important in the near future. If you’re interested in data, automation, and algorithms, data science and machine learning can be an exciting and lucrative career. The jobs are growing, but the top positions include machine learning engineer, data scientist, and computational linguist.
How is Machine Learning Used in Finance?
In finance, machine learning algorithms may be used to provide financial advisory services to investors, automate trading activities, and detect fraud. Machine learning can be used to analyze massive data sets in a short time, which is increasingly important as organizations deal with more and more data.
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