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Are you a blogger, influencer, or an online business looking to make revenue while providing value to your audience? As a CFI affiliate partner, you can transform lives and earn generous commissions by sharing the world’s top finance training with your community!


Why Join CFI’s Affiliate Program?

  • Competitive commission rates: Earn 20% commission (with a 30-day referral window) on Self-Study and Full-Immersions programs purchased using your links.
  • Unlimited income potential: The more you promote, the more commissions you can earn for purchases through your affiliate tracking links.
  • Exclusive discounts: Provide more value and affordable pricing with our 10% affiliate discount code, while earning revenue from each of your referrals.
  • Professionally designed assets: Take advantage of beautifully designed banners to help you drive sales.
  • Dedicated affiliate manager: Have questions? Your Affiliate Program Manager will be happy to help!

Who Can Apply?

The CFI Affiliate Marketing Program is designed for influencers, blogs and online businesses in Finance, Education, Career Development, and Tech. If your audience is looking to learn the best practices, tools, and techniques to master financial analysis, we encourage you to apply!

How Does an Affiliate Partnership with CFI Work?

We use an integrated affiliate platform called Rakuten, that allows affiliate partners to share marketing banner ads, receive unique affiliate links, track commission sales and receive payouts directly through our platform.


Affiliate signs up for CFI’s
Affiliate Program.


Affiliate uses unique referral links
and banners on their website


Customer clicks and
makes a purchase within 30-days


Transaction is credited

to the referring affiliate



Affiliate is paid 20% commission
for the referral

Applying for CFI’s Affiliate Marketing Program

CFI is committed to your growth and success! Our affiliate partners receive generous commission structure, dedicated support, and high quality products to help you succeed.

Joining the CFI Affiliate Program is easy! Simply click on the button below to fill out the two-step form and apply! All applications will be reviewed within 1-2 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the CFI Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate Program has been carefully designed as an easy way for high-performing blogs, influencers and organizations to monetize their content and provide more value for their audiences.

Affiliate programs traditionally require a lot of effort with very little return for the affiliate partners. Instead, we’ve flipped that model on its head. CFI Affiliate Partners earn 20% commission for each student who enrolls in any of CFI’s programs using their unique referral links and banners. Our course bundles range from $497 to $847 USD — meaning you could be earning up to $169 USD for each student you refer to one of our programs! Participation in the program is totally free and there is no limit on how much you can earn.

In addition to a generous commission structure, as an Affiliate Partner, you will gain access to a dedicated account manager, exclusive discounts for your audience, and an extensive content library to help you succeed.

Which products and courses from CFI can I earn commission on?

All of CFI’s 2-Year Access Certification Programs — the FMVA, CBCA and CMSA (Self-Study and Full-Immersion) — are eligible for affiliates to earn commission from. Please note that our Machine Learning Bundle, Individual CFI Subjects, and the CFI All-Access Monthly Subscription Offer are not currently eligible as part of our affiliate program.

Is there a private offer for the most successful affiliates, or can a unique offer be arranged?

Yes, high-performing affiliates may be invited to apply for one of our private offers which include enhanced incentives.

What support does CFI offer to Affiliate Partners?

We are dedicated to the success of our Affiliate Partners! As such, CFI has an extensive library of valuable free resources, articles, ebooks, downloadable templates and video tutorials. Our online library enables our affiliates to save time and money on content creation by linking to the complementary resources that we have developed to educate your audience and help them achieve their professional goals. We encourage our affiliate partners to share CFI content on your site, blog, email newsletters, or social media channels to broaden your reach and provide value for your audience! In addition, all approved CFI Affiliate Partners will receive a dedicated account manager who will work with you to answer any questions via email in 1-3 business days.

What platform does CFI use to manage their Affiliate Program?

CFI’s chosen platform for the Affiliate Program is Rakuten Affiliate Marketing. Rakuten provides an integrated platform that allows advertisers and publishers to share marketing banner ads, receive unique affiliate links, track commission sales, and receive payouts directly through their platform.

What platforms can I use to post my unique affiliate links to reach potential students?

Most of our affiliates post their CFI affiliate referral links on their blog or organization’s websites, e-newsletters or social media pages in the form of content, articles, reviews, and resources. However, we are open to other forms of content (e.g. podcasts or videos). If you are considering using an alternative medium in your affiliate efforts with CFI, please contact CFI’s Marketing Team via email at [email protected] in order to receive approval as well as design, branding and content support.

How can I contact CFI with specific questions I have about the Affiliate Marketing Program?

Our team is dedicated to your success. Should you have any questions about the program, please have a read over this page, our FAQ, and Rakuten’s policies. If you have any further queries about the Affiliate Program or if you are experiencing any issues, you can connect with CFI’s Marketing Team via email at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist!