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The most recent improvements to your CFI Dashboard

May 1, 2024

New partnership deal with PitchBook launched!

PitchBook is the leading resource for comprehensive data, research, and insights spanning the global capital markets. These offerings are brought to life through a dynamic suite of products to help you win.

Full Immersion members are offered a free 1-month trial of PitchBook.

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Role-Based Learning Paths now available

In addition to certifications and specializations, we now offer Role-Based Learning Paths for all subscribers. These tailored courses will enhance your skills in specific finance and banking roles.

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Feb 1, 2024

New partnership deal with IBISWorld launched!

IBISWorld is the global leader in industry research. Their exceptional team of analysts leverage reliable data, proprietary forecast models, and innovative methodology to provide independent, cutting-edge industry information.

Full Immersion members are offered 12 months free access to IBISWorld.

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CFI for Teams: Purchase additional learning licenses for your team in seconds!

A big improvement is here for companies with Self-Serve subscriptions at CFI, making it much simpler for them to purchase additional learning licenses independently. To purchase additional licenses as a Self-Serve customer to go Settings on the left side menu and click Purchase Additional Licenses.

Jan 2, 2024

Video player up/down vote for lessons just got better

We’ve enhanced the upvote and downvote buttons, empowering learners to provide feedback on areas for improvement. This feature streamlines the process, making it convenient for learners to share their thoughts right then and there. Additionally, by clicking the downvote button, we’ve added the option to provide feedback on the lesson.

Introducing ‘Video Watch Time’ metric on B2B Admin Dashboard

Introducing the new Video Watch Time metric—a significant improvement over our previous Time Spent metric. Video Watch Time precisely measures how much time learners spend actively watching lesson videos, providing a more accurate reflection of engagement on the platform.

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