Partnering with Corporate Finance Institute

At CFI, we believe that anyone driven to have a rewarding career in finance can achieve success when armed with the right tools, knowledge, and support. We are proud of the transformative impact CFI has had on finance and banking professionals worldwide.

Partnering with Corporate Finance Institute

Explore Partnership Opportunities with CFI

CFI partners with organizations that want to bring high-quality, effective finance training and skill development to large groups of individuals and companies. Some examples of partnership opportunities:

  • Companies who provide in-person or live training and would like to discuss using the CFI catalog as their curriculum.
  • Large scale global workforce development, such as our partnership with ALX.
  • Organizations who serve under-represented communities who need cost-effective ways to develop marketable skills.
If this sounds aligned with your organization’s goals & mission, contact us to learn more about partnering with CFI.

Why Partner with CFI?

Empower the Future

CFI is the global leader in online learning for finance and banking professionals. Trusted by 2M+ professionals and leading organizations, we provide skill development from fundamentals to mastery for modern finance professionals. Rated #1 for Online Finance Courses by G2, we are empowering the global finance leaders of tomorrow.

We are passionate about partnering with organizations that can help bring opportunity at scale to those who might not otherwise have access to effective training & skill development. Read about how CFI and ALX trained 30,000 individuals in Africa.

Global Recognition

Leverage our international presence to expand your reach. Partnering with CFI means tapping into a global network of professionals and learners across 170 countries, enhancing brand visibility and influence across borders.

Contact us to explore partnership opportunities

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If you have any questions or would like to request more information, please fill out the contact form below.

  • Please describe your requirements, the size of your group, and courses of interest.

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