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Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI) is a leading financial analyst certification company that provides career-focused financial modeling and valuation training CFI’s courses have been delivered to tens of thousands of individuals at the top universities, investment banks, accounting firms and operating companies in the world. CFI is the official provider of the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)™ designation.

Whether you are new to the corporate finance industry or an experienced professional, the FMVA training program on financial modeling and valuation will help you master new skills, achieve professional goals, and advance your career.

CFI courses are designed to provide you with in-demand industry knowledge, hands-on practice, and confidence that will help you stand out from competition and become a world-class financial analyst.

By following CFI’s blueprint for professional success, you will learn the best practices, tools, and techniques to master financial modeling, company valuation, discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, merger models (M&A), sensitivity analysis, accounting fundamentals, financial statement analysis, and much more.

This professional training program will help you gain on-the-job skills and knowledge that might otherwise take years of hands-on experience to learn.

Trained by globally experienced instructors, graduates complete our analyst program with new knowledge and skills essential for successful careers in corporate finance, investment banking, equity research, corporate development, FP&A, treasury, and accounting.

FMVA Program in Financial Modeling

Ready to advance your career? Join tens of thousands of professionals who demonstrate a commitment to the field and dedication to continuous improvement of their corporate finance skills.

We understand the critical importance of time in business today and are pleased to offer flexible online training that allows you to complete the courses at your own pace in a timeframe that’s convenient for you.

CFI has created a thorough step-by-step curriculum that covers financial modeling, valuation, and financial analysis topics — from introductory to intermediate and advanced levels.

The FMVA financial analyst certification and training program is suitable for students of various professional backgrounds and is designed to teach you everything from the bottom up. By moving through the three levels of mastery, you can expect to be performing industry-leading corporate finance analysis upon successful completion of the courses.


Download the Financial Analyst Program Brochure. FMVA Financial Modeling Curriculum

CFI classes are offered 100% online, allowing you the flexibility to start the financial analyst program, set your own schedule, and study at a time that’s most convenient for you.

The analyst program includes 7 optional prerequisites to review the fundamentals,  9 core courses to build a strong foundation in financial modeling and valuation, plus a minimum of 3 elective courses that allow more focus on specific topics and skills (12 required courses in total).

This program will require approximately 100 hours of study to master the course content and complete the exercises, quizzes, and final assessments. You will learn from a variety of methods, including recorded video lectures, hands-on exercises, quizzes and multiple choice tests.


Graduation Requirements:

To be granted the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)™ credential from the CFI Program, students must successfully complete all required and elective courses (12 in total) and demonstrate mastery of the topics through completion of the course materials, quizzes, and assessments.

Students must earn a minimum passing grade of 80% in each course assessment to complete the requirements for the program and receive certificates of completion.


Financial Modeling Level 1 (beginner)

Optional Prerequisites


Course Name Course Code Recommended Study Hours
Accounting Fundamentals CFI 101 1-3
Reading Financial Statements CFI 102 1-3
Fixed Income Fundamentals CFI 103 1-3
Excel Crash Course CFI 104 1-3
Intro to Corporate Finance CFI 105 1-3
Math for Corporate Finance CFI 106 1-3
Financial Modeling Fundamentals CFI 107 1-3
Models and Templates Library CFI 099 N/A
Financial Modeling Level 2

Required Courses

CORE COURSES (9 required)

Financial Modeling Level 3 (advanced)

Elective Courses


Body of Knowledge

The CFI Body of Knowledge represents the main topics, skills, and abilities required to successfully complete the program. The CFI Program is designed to instill the practical skills required to perform world-class financial analysis.

I. Accounting
  • Constructing a balance sheet and income statement
  • Constructing a cash flow statement
  • Understanding the balance sheet
  • Understanding the income statement and cash flow
II. Budgeting, Forecasting, FP&A
  • Budgeting Within a Strategic Framework
  • Building a Robust Budgeting Process
  • A Practical Guide to Developing Budgets
  • Forecasting Techniques
  • Tracking Budget Performance with Variance Analysis
  • Applied Budgeting Tools and Techniques in Excel
  • Financial Modeling Best Practices
  • Modeling Cash Flows
  • Building Your Financial Model in Excel
  • Enhancing Your Model
III. Excel
  • Excel layout
  • Excel settings
  • Basic financial analysis setup
  • Advanced financial analysis setup
  • Functions and formulas
  • Excel tips and tricks
  • Better formulas
  • Catering for uncertainty
  • Auditing a model
  • Excel template setup
  • Financial statements
  • Financial analysis
  • Macros
  • Introduction to VBA for financial modeling in Excel
  • Design, build and run VBA sub procedures
  • Create customized Excel functions
  • Branching, looping and procedure code
IV. Finance
  • Fixed income products and markets
  • Pricing fixed income securities and duration
  • Overview of Corporate Finance
  • Business valuation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Debt financing
  • Equity financing
  • Corporate finance careers
  • Decision making biases and errors
  • Information processing errors
  • How decisions are impacted by others
V. Financial Analysis
  • Vertical and horizontal income statement analysis
  • Balance sheet and leverage ratios
  • Cash flow statements and ratios
  • Rates of return and profitability analysis
VI. Financial Modeling
  • Financial Modeling
  • A structured approach to financial modeling
  • Forecasting income statement and balance sheet items
  • Debt and financing schedules
  • Building a free cash flow forecast
  • Scenario analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Cap Rates and Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • Land Loans and Construction Loans
  • Real Estate Development Financial Model
  • Joint Ventures & Cash Flow Waterfalls
  • eCommerce Financial Model
  • Customer Metrics
  • DCF Valuation Modeling
  • Introduction to the Mining Industry
  • Valuation Metrics
  • Mining Financial Model
  • M&A Model Structure
  • Acquirer & Target Models
  • Transaction Assumptions
  • Closing Balance Sheet
  • Pro Forma Financial Model
  • Accretion & Dilution
VII. Math
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  • Bond pricing and yields
  • Key statistical skills
  • Covariance, correlation and regression
VIII. Presentation
  • Data Visualization Overview
  • Visuals
  • Focus attention
  • Storytelling
  • Dashboards
  • Charts, Tables and Graphs
IX. Valuation
  • Introduction
  • Equity Value vs. Enterprise Value
  • Valuation Multiples
  • Comparable Company Analysis (Comps)
  • Precedent M&A Transactions (Precedents)
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Presentation of Results

100% Online

The same content taught at global banks, with the flexibility to go at your own pace


Interactive courses, case studies and exercises from industry-leading instructors


Practical applications in Excel and PowerPoint to give you skills that can be applied to your career right away

When you graduate from the program, you'll be able to:

  • Emerge with superior CONFIDENCE and BUSINESS SKILLS
  • Have better CAREER OPPORTUNITIES available to you
  • Be more DESIRABLE in the eyes of HIRING MANAGERS and recruiters

Learning Objectives

The FMVA Program covers a critical body of knowledge necessary for becoming a world-class financial analyst. The core curriculum for the certification program includes:

Financial Modeling

Develop industry-leading best practices for layout, design and structure of financial models
Learn how to build a dynamically linked 3-statement financial model in Excel from scratch
Create a multi-year forecast to project the income statement, cash flow and balance sheet into the future
Use advanced Excel formulas and functions to make models both robust and dynamic
Perform scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, accretion/dilution analysis and other advanced modeling practices
Learn how to build models that are well designed, intelligently structured, and easy for other users to work with


Learn how to value a company using comparable company analysis, precedent transactions, and discounted cash flow DCF modeling
Build numerous DCF models from scratch in Excel and learn how to calculate a firm’s weighted average cost of capital
Understand how and when to use Enterprise Value and Equity Value multiples for valuation
Learn about the pros and cons of different valuation methods, and become proficient in all of them
Arrive at a range of values for a business combining multiple methods

Financial Analysis

Learn advanced forms of financial analysis including ratios, rates of return, risk assessment, credit metrics, debt schedules, cash flow waterfalls and more
Assess the overall attractiveness of investment opportunities using financial models, scenarios, and multiple types of analysis
Develop insightful and charts and graphs for powerpoint presentations
Build Excel dashboards and use advanced data visualization techniques
Go beyond the financial model to truly understand the risks and opportunities of an investment opportunity


Learn to create beautiful charts, graphs and tables in Excel
Build professional powerpoint presentations and pitch decks
Create insightful dashboards and outputs for presentations
Learn how to use data visualization to get your point across
Impress executives and leadership teams with deep insights and impactful presentations

Why Certification is Necessary

In a highly demanding job market, it is critical for you to gain a competitive advantage through professional development and industry-oriented certifications.

As financial analysis practices and business tools evolve at an ever-increasing rate, a gap is formed between the foundation provided by postsecondary institutions and the on-the-job competencies required in today’s business environment.

The CFI financial analyst certification program was established to pick up where traditional schooling leaves off and bridge this education gap.

A certification from CFI on your resume gives recognition of competence, demonstrates a commitment to ongoing professional development, and helps with job advancement.


Financial Analyst Certification - FMVA Program


Total:$497 ($2,300+ SAVE OVER 75%)
23 Courses & CertificatesIncluded
14+ Excel Model TemplatesIncluded
Digital CertificatesIncluded
Exam Fees Included
Financial Analyst CertificationIncluded
Lifetime AccessIncluded
All Future UpgradesIncluded

Students can complete the full FMVA program or pick and choose individual courses to earn certificates of completion.

The fees for the online exams and digital certificates are included in the tuition.

All fees are in US dollars and are subject to change. Program fees may be paid by Visa®, MasterCard®, PayPal, money order, certified cheque or wire transfer.

About Corporate Finance Institute®

CFI is a world-leading provider of online financial analyst certification and training programs and the FMVA designation. CFI’s financial modeling courses, programs, and certifications have been delivered to tens of thousands of individuals around the world to help them become world-class financial analysts.

The financial analyst certification program begins where business school ends to teach you job-based skills for corporate finance, investment banking, corporate development, treasury, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), and accounting.

CFI courses have been designed to make the complex simple by distilling large amounts of information into an easy to follow format. Our training will give you the practical skills, templates, and tools necessary to advance your career and stand out from the competition.


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Average years of instructor experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the Excel files and financial modeling templates?
Yes! You can download and edit the Excel models and templates included in your courses. The video lectures can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, but cannot be downloaded.
How long does it take to receive my digital FMVA certificate?
Your digital FMVA certificate will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours upon successful completion of the program requirements.
Can I order a physical copy of my FMVA certificate?
Yes, you can order a physical copy of your FMVA certificate by mail. Please click here to submit your request.
How long do I have to complete the courses?
You will have lifetime access to the courses and all future upgrades. You can rewatch the video lessons as many times as you like and complete the courses at a pace that is convenient for you.
What is the duration of the program?
We recommend approximately 100 hours to complete the full financial analyst training. The FMVA program is flexible and allows you to study at your own pace. Please see the "Curriculum" section for recommended study hours for each course.
Are CFI courses verified?
Yes! Our courses and certificates count as verified Professional Development for the CPA Institute and NASBA.
Are there any additional fees or costs?
No! The program price includes everything and there are no additional fees or charges to earn your digital FMVA financial analyst certification.
What currency are your courses priced in?
All of our online courses are priced in USD.
Can I take individual courses instead of completing the whole program?
Yes, you can take individual courses and will earn course certificates upon completion.
How do I earn my certificates?
You have to complete all the video lessons, quizzes and final assessments in each course. You can retake the assessments as many times as necessary until you reach an 80% passing grade.
Can I email the instructor if I have questions?
While the courses are self-study, you can contact us if you experience any technical difficulties or ask content questions on our quarterly webinars.
Will these courses help me advance my career?
Based on reviews from thousands of students, we know how CFI courses and FMVA financial analyst certification program have helped so many people advance their finance careers. Our training is designed to be extremely practical and simulates the experience of being trained as a professional financial analyst - the ultimate way to advance your career.
Do you offer a monthly payment plan?
Yes, we do! For details about the payment plan, click here.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Our payment processors include Stripe and PayPal. We also accept bank wire transfers if requested by email.
More Questions?
Please Email us and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions!

Student Feedback

“I never leave feedback, but in this case I found your course just awesome! For a long time I have struggled to find a course with the combination of high professional Financial and Excel modelling skills. Due to your practical background in finance, the model is in all aspects very highly rated. I believe it's worth much more than I paid for it and I feel very lucky to have taken your amazing courses.”
– Olga Filatova, Financial and Excel Modelling Skills reviews
“I found the financial modeling course extremely helpful during my prep for interviews. I highly recommend CFI courses to anyone looking to pursue a career in the capital markets or prep for wall street.”
– Brett Hannigan, Investment Banking Analyst, Sauder M.B.A.
“Taking the Full Access Bundle at Corporate Finance Institute was a major turning point in my career.The training has boosted my financial skills and I have been able to add more values to my organisation especially in the area of Budgeting, Forecasting and Excel. Without any prejudice, CFI is the best Finance Institute in the whole world. Using avant-garde approach in all its entirety. What a learning experience, par excellence.”
– Blessing Lawal, Controller
“We've seen the benefits of the Corporate Finance Institute and the FMVA financial analyst program at work with our people, rounding out their financial modeling capabilities and providing ongoing training modules to keep their skill sets current and sharp.”
– Derek Senft, Financial Modeling Capabilities reviews
“I loved how simple and easy to follow the instruction was. Totally worth every penny! Many thanks Scott.”
– Yasser Alshahrani, Financial Analysis Courses reviews