Become a CFI Industry Partner

Join forces with us to empower individuals and businesses worldwide with top-tier finance and banking training and certifications.

Become a CFI Industry Partner

Why Choose CFI as Your Partner?

Tansform lives through financial education, all while driving your organization's success to new heights.

Leverage World-Class Financial Training

CFI offers more than just courses – we’re your dedicated partner in delivering top-tier, hands-on financial education. Our guided paths, meticulously crafted by industry experts with decades of experience, guarantee your customers the most comprehensive and relevant skills.

Contribute to Closing the Global Skill Gap

By partnering with CFI, you’re joining a global mission to brige the finance skill gap. Our training programs are accessible worldwide, allowing you to deliver high-quality education to individuals and business in your industry or region.

Boost Your Business and Revenue Growth

Enhance your offerings, extend your reach, attract new customers, and unlock additional revenue streams by incporrating CFI’s leading programs into your portfolio.

We're Proud to Partner with Leading Organizations, Universities, and Associations Worldwide.


Partnership Opportunities

Authorized Training Partner

Help your customers close the skill gap by delivering CFI’s top-tier training and exam prep materials.

Joint Sales

Forge a strategic partnership to expand your business pipeline and share revenue.

Reseller Partnership

Become an authorized reseller for CFI’s diverse training options.

Affiliates Partnership

Earn a commission for referring CFI programs and courses. Learn More →

Marketing Partnership

Collaborate on joint marketing campaigns with CFI.

Content Partnership

Co-develop content with CFI or let CFI be your training provider for your product or service.

Looking for Higher Education Partnership Opportunities?

Ready to Make a Difference with CFI?

Start your partnership journey with us today and transform lives through financial education.

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