Financial Ratios Cheat Sheet

Download CFI's Free Financial Ratios Cheat Sheet

Financial Ratios Cheat Sheet

CFI’s Financial Ratios cheat sheet is a pdf ebook, available for anyone to download for free. The cheat sheet goes over the essential financial ratios that a Financial Analyst uses to analyze a business. Below is an image of the Pyramid of Ratios, a common tool used by industry professionals to analyze a company’s efficiency, profitability, and solvency and to show how they are interconnected.

Pyramid of Ratios

Pyramid of ratios

Image: Pyramid of Ratios from CFI’s Financial Analysis Course

Free PDF Download – Financial Ratios Cheat Sheet

In this e-book you will find the following Financial Ratios:

Liquidity Ratios

Efficiency Ratios

Leverage Ratios

Financial Ratios Cheat Sheet – Profitability Ratios

Multiples Valuation Ratios

Financial Ratios Cheat Sheet – Use of Ratios in Financial Analysis

There are various types of financial analysis, and the use of ratios is an indispensable aspect of all of them. This cheat sheet is a concise and organized source of information on the essential ratios for financial analysis. It can be used as a quick reference to the information. Ratios are a powerful analytical tool for performing both cross-sectional and time-series analysis, as ratios can be compared across time periods and industries. It is also important, however, to be aware of the limitations of ratio analysis.

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