Wall Street Oasis (WSO)

An online community for finance careers

What is Wall Street Oasis (WSO)?

Wall Street Oasis (WSO) is a leading online community for aspiring professionals looking to break into investment banking, private equity, asset management, and other corporate finance careers.

WSO operates an online forum where users can create new topic threads, build personal profiles, and comment on existing discussions.

The Wall Street Oasis platform boasts over 400,000 members, according to their website (2017).

Link to WSO -> https://www.wallstreetoasis.com/


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How is the Wall Street Oasis (WSO) website organized?

The Wall Street Oasis site is organized into three main categories:

  • Interview prep – guides to preparing for interviews on Wall Street
  • Career boost – tools and training for technical skills required in corporate finance, such as financial modeling and business valuation
  • Forums – discussion threads and comments on a wide variety of topics, including finance, career, and lifestyle
  • Monkey theme – the Wall Street Oasis forum uses a monkey theme where members can earn “banana points” and work their way up the monkey ladder by improving their user status (e.g., chimp, monkey, baboon, etc.)


What topics do Wall Street Oasis (WSO) forums cover?

The WSO forms cover a broad range of Wall Street and corporate finance topics.

A selection of some of some of the topics discussed on Wall Street Oasis include:

  • Compensation – how much money professionals are earning at different banks and firms
  • Campus recruiting – students share experience about the recruitment processes at their schools and offer tips
  • Fashion – how to dress for a career on Wall Street
  • Humor – Wall Street Oasis also offers jokes, funny anecdotes, and other off-topic discussions
  • Financial modeling – people asking questions, sharing experiences, and collaborating to discuss a wide range of topics


How can Wall Street Oasis help your career?

Joining an online community such as Wall Street Oasis can be a great way to network, learn more about the industry, and hear about other people’s first-hand experiences.

Being well prepared is just as important as being smart when it comes to Wall Street recruitment.  There is a very formulaic way that banks and institutions hire new analysts and associates.  By learning what the process is like and making sure you have all the bases covered, you will have already won half the battle.

A place such as the Wall Street Oasis forum can help you learn from shared experiences.  If you have a question you’re wondering about, it’s more than likely already been asked by someone else, and you can find the answer on WSO.

Another reason to join the Wall Street Oasis community is to share your own knowledge.  If you have some first-hand experiences, it can be very rewarding to share those with other aspiring professionals looking for help.


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