Thank You After Interview Email

Best Practices in Writing the Follow-up Email

Why Send a Thank You After Interview Email?

While it’s not “required,” it’s highly recommended to send a thank you after interview email to reinforce your interest in the opportunity, highlight your strengths, and follow up on anything from the interview. It’s recommended to send the email within a few hours of the interview, as hiring managers often make their decisions very quickly and you want to keep their impression of you as high as possible.

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General Tips for a Thank You After Interview Email

Ask for a business card or contact information from every person who interviews you and send a “thank you” email to each one of them.

Customize the email for each person, as they may forward the emails to each other, and you want to make sure you don’t get caught just sending boilerplate emails where the only difference is the name of the recipient.

Here are some general tips about what to include in your thank you after interview email:

  • Thank them for their time.
  • Highlight what you like about the job opportunity.
  • Highlight what you like about the company.
  • Recap your main skills and attributes.
  • Follow up on anything that you said that you’d get back to them on.

Thank You After Interview Email

Example of a Thank You After Interview Email

You can copy and paste the message below to create your own message. Be sure to edit, customize, and proofread your message before sending it.

Subject: Thank You – Interview Follow Up

Dear [Name],

Thank you for taking the time to interview me today for the Financial Analyst position at CFI Education Inc. I really enjoyed discussing the opportunity with you and think it would be a great fit for both of us.

One of the main things that stood out to me was the great culture at CFI. I can easily see myself fitting in with the team and thriving in that kind of work environment.

Additionally, the company’s mission of helping anyone become a world-class financial analyst really resonates with me, and I’d be excited to help support that mission.

Once again, thanks for your time and consideration. If there’s any additional information I can provide you with to help with your decision, please let me know.

Best Regards,


Thank You After Interview Email Template

Approach to Writing the Follow-up Email

You can, of course, use the above template/example for your thank you after interview email, or you can write one from scratch. If you plan to write one from scratch, this section will serve as a helpful guide.

Steps to writing your own email:

  1. Confirm the name, title, and email address of the person.
  2. Write an opening sentence thanking them for their time and saying that you enjoyed meeting them.
  3. Refer to any notes you took in the interview and highlight the things you really liked.
  4. Go to the company’s website and review their mission, vision, values, and/or purpose in their “about us” section.
  5. Then you can note in your email a couple of things you particularly like about their culture and mission.
  6. Write a closing sentence thanking them again and offering to answer any follow-up questions they may have.

Additional Items to Include (if appropriate)

There are instances where it may be appropriate to include additional items in your thank you after interview email. Taking this extra step to be more engaging with the interviewer can go a long way toward successfully making yourself stand out from the crowd of applicants in a positive way.

Examples of additional items to include the following:

  • Hyperlinks to things that were discussed in the interview (e.g., articles, news, etc.).
  • Attachments, such as work you’ve completed in the past (e.g., Excel files you created or PowerPoint presentations you built. Note: Be sure you are not sharing confidential information).
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • References, if you were asked to provide them.

Thank You After Interview Email “Best Practices”

Here are some general best practices for writing your interview thank you message:

  • Send the email within a few hours of the interview.
  • Be polite and professional in your language.
  • Highlight things you liked about the job, company, culture, and mission statement. (You can use this opportunity to elicit a reply to your email by turning things around by writing, “I’d be interested to hear what you think are the company’s core values”.
  • Mention your skills and strengths that best match the job opportunity and what you learned from the interview about what the company is most looking for from the person who is ultimately chosen to fill the position.
  • (But don’t brag about yourself.)
  • Don’t appear overconfident by sounding as if you just assume that you got the job.
  • Be sure to actually say the words, “thank you.”
  • Offer to answer any additional or follow-up questions the interviewer may have.

Additional Resources

Thank you for reading CFI’s guide to writing a thank you after interview email.  If you follow this guide, you should have a leg up on the competition! CFI is the official global provider of the Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® certification, designed to transform anyone into a world-class financial analyst. To continue advancing your career, these additional resources will be helpful:

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