Harvard Business School

A graduate business school at Harvard University

What is Harvard Business School?

Harvard Business School is a graduate business school at Harvard University. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the business school is known for its Master in Business Administration (MBA) program. It also offers different part-time and full-time programs, certifications, and joint degrees.

Founded in 1908, Harvard Business School’s consistently ranked high among the world’s best business schools. In 2021, it placed fourth in the QS World University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings 2021.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School also publishes case studies, research articles, as well as being home to the Harvard Business Review, Baker Library, and Bloomberg Center.

Academic Programs at Harvard Business School

1. MBA Program

The MBA program is a two-year full-time graduate business program. Courses focus on using the case method, the field method, and various simulations to prepare students with applicable management skills.

2. Doctoral Program

Harvard Business School offers eight doctoral programs: Accounting and Management, Business Economics, Health Policy, Management, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Strategy, and Technology and Operations.

3. Executive Education

The business school offers programs that allow executives to focus on a specific area in business or a specific skill set. The executive education programs include courses in leadership, innovation, marketing, governance, digital transformation, and more.

It also offers virtual executive education programs, as well as a Certificate of Management Excellence and a Corporate Director Certificate.

4. Joint Degrees

Harvard Business School offers joint degrees in collaboration with other graduate schools at Harvard. They include JD/MBA Program, MD/MBA Program, MS/MBA (Life Sciences Program), MS/MBA (Engineering Sciences Program), and the MBA/MPP and MBA/MPA-ID Programs.

5. Online Programs

Certifications are also offered for online programs, which allow students to enhance their business skills without physically attending classes. Students can take courses on strategy, finance, accounting, leadership, or business analytics. They enjoy the flexibility to complete coursework on their own time while attending virtual lectures.

Admission Process and Requirements for the MBA Program

Individuals applying to the MBA program should possess at least four years of work experience and provide English proficiency test results (i.e., TOEFL, IELTS) and GMAT or GRE test results.

In addition, applicants must also submit an application that consists of transcripts and recommendations. After submitting an application, the applicants may be invited to an interview and submit a written reflection after the interview.

Admission Statistics

The MBA program at Harvard Business School consists of students with excellent academic backgrounds and a passion for acquiring management skills. According to the MBA Class of 2022, the class size is 732 students, with 9,304 applications submitted. About two-thirds of the students come from the United States, and almost half of the MBA class consists of women and minority groups.

The average GPA of the MBA class of 2022 is 3.7/4.0. Many of the students completed an undergraduate degree in math, commerce, economics, engineering, and social sciences.

Before joining the MBA program, the students reported an average work experience of 4.7 years, which spans many industries, such as technology, healthcare, consulting, private equity, and more.

The MBA Class of 2022 also boasts a median GMAT score of 730, which is considered one of the highest in the world. The MBA students’ median base salary is $150,000, the median bonus compensation is $30,000, and a median of $50,000 for other compensation. More than a third of the students work in the financial services industry.

Notable Alumni

Harvard Business School boasts a notable alumni network that is made up of approximately 85,000 individuals from 173 countries. Some of the famous alumni from the business school include:

  • Andy Jassy – CEO of Amazon Web Services
  • Ann Sarnoff – President of BBC America
  • Donald J. Carty – CEO and Chairman of American Airlines
  • George W. Bush – 43rd President of the United States
  • Jamie Dimon – CEO and Chairman of JPMorgan Chase
  • Michael Bloomberg – Co-Founder of Bloomberg LP
  • Sheryl Sandberg – Chief Operating Officer of Facebook
  • Philip Caldwell – Chairman of Ford Motor Company
  • James McNerney Jr. – CEO of Boeing

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