Searching For IPO Deals In PitchBook

Guide on using advanced deals search in PitchBook to view past IPO transactions

Searching For IPO Deals In PitchBook

In this PitchBook platform tutorial, we will demonstrate how to use the Advanced Search function to look up past IPO (initial public offering) deals using the following example search:

IPO deals completed in 2018 by social/platform software companies or SaaS companies raising at least $500M of capital

Advanced Search For IPOs

The first step of this search is hover over on the Side bar: Advanced Search > Companies & Deals > Select IPOs to filter for search results of that specific deal type.

PitchBook advanced search ipo

Deal Criteria

After selecting IPOs, you will land on the Deal Types section on the Search Results page and you should see all boxes under Public Investments are ticked. Now go to the Deal Criteria section using the side menu and we’ll start selecting all the deal criteria for this specific search.

Deal Date: select date range from 01-01-2018 to 12-31-2018

Total Raised: set Min value to $500M

Deal Status: select Completed

Additional Options: Dates & Size apply to Full transaction

PitchBook ipo search deal criteria

Industry Criteria

Moving onto the Industry section, under Industries select number 6. Information Technology > 6.5. Software > 6.5.13. Social/Platform Software. Under Verticals, select 50. SaaS.

IPO Deal Search Results

With all the desired criteria chosen, click the Search button at the top right corner of the page to view the resulting 21 search results. You can look at the summary of this search in the Overview tab, or view more details about the companies or deal transactions using the Companies or Deals tab in the top menu.

PitchBook ipo deal search results

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