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Discover how much money you can earn in financial jobs.

Salary Guides for Finance and Business

CFI is compiling extensive salary guides across broad categories of finance and business. Careers that are currently covered (or are in the process of being covered) include accounting, finance, IT, paralegal, lawyer, credit analyst, investment banker, financial analyst, office manager, software engineer, and more!

Salary Guides

By browsing these salary guides you’ll get a general sense of the salaries and total compensation in a wide range of industries and professions.  This will ensure you’ll be well calibrated when you go to an interview or head into a negotiation. These guides are designed to give a general sense of compensation, and it always important to adjust salaries based on location (country and city), as well as company size (large vs small, private vs public).

Featured Salary Guides

Financial Modeling Salary Guide

Financial Modeling Salary Guide Financial Modeling is not usually part of a job title, however, it is an essential skill for most who are in the Finance profession. Top industry employers seek professionals with financial expertise who have the ability to analyze financial data and derive actionable insight for effective decision making. Financial modeling is an indispensable skill...

Investment Banker Salary

How much is an investment banker salary? On an absolute basis, investment bankers are some of the highest-paid professionals for their age.  As a new hire, you can expect to earn over $100,000 straight out of school, which will probably blow most of your classmates out of the water.  But the investment banker salary on...

Private Equity Salary Guide

Private Equity Salary Guide In this private equity salary guide, we cover several jobs in the private equity sector and their corresponding midpoint salaries for 2018. There are many positions to fill at private equity firms, which are investment management companies that are involved with acquisitions of private businesses through pooled capital from investors and...

Accounting Salary Guide

Accounting Salary Guide In this accounting salary guide, we give you the midpoint compensation figures for individuals employed in both public and private accounting. Accountants are responsible for examining financial statements to ensure accuracy and compliance with existing laws and regulations, and handling tax-related tasks such as calculating the tax to be paid and preparing tax...

FMVA Compensation Guide

FMVA Salary and Compensation Financial modeling is a highly demanded skill-set that requires years of experience to master. With more than 100,000 students enrolling in Corporate Finance Institute courses annually, the FMVA® certification is becoming an increasingly popular way of standing out and rising up the ranks as a financial analyst. *Based on a survey...

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