Course Development Procedures

CFI Course Development Procedures

Program content and knowledge level equate to the background of intended participants

CFI’s policy for ensuring program content and knowledge level are suitable to the background of intended participants is to (1) solicit feedback from industry practitioners currently in the field, (2) use our instructor’s own experience in the industry as a gauge, and (3) monitor feedback from students.  By combining all three of these approaches CFI is able to triangulate on the appropriate knowledge level and background for participants.

CFI divides its course into three levels: level 1 (beginner), level 2 (intermediate) and level 3 (advanced) based on the above methodology.

Content and delivery system(s) are current, effectively designed and accurate

CFI has the policy to review all courses and their content at least once per year to ensure they are completely up to date with all relevant codes, laws, rulings, decisions, and interpretations.  CFI is committed to completely rewriting and rerecording each course at least once every five years.  To ensure accuracy, all courses are reviewed by a development team, which consists of the course instructor, an editor, and at least one Director of the company.

Content is developed by a subject matter expert and reviewed by qualified persons outside of the development team

CFI’s mission is to deliver extremely practical skills-based training.  In order to fulfill that mission, each course is developed by one or more industry experts.  In addition, one of our Directors is a U.S. CPA and is responsible for reviewing all accounting courses before they are launched to ensure the content is accurate, relevant, and meets the highest level of industry standards.

Content is based on relevant learning objectives and outcomes

Each CFI course begins by clearly stating all relevant learning objectives for the participant. The objectives section explains the knowledge, skills, and abilities that each participant will be able to develop by the end of the course.  CFI’s mission is to make each of these objectives and outcomes as relevant to advancing careers in corporate finance as possible.

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