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Below is some of the daily feedback & reviews we receive from thousands of students around the world who take CFI courses to prepare for careers in investment banking, private equity, FP&A, equity research, treasury and accounting.


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Lindsay Petrovic, MBA courses reviews

The best of both worlds

CFI courses provided the best of both worlds – the classes were detailed and had a similar level of content to my MBA courses, but were presented in a simple and easy to understand manner. Best of all, excel template models come with each class, setting you up to leverage this knowledge in the workplace.

Lindsay Petrovic, American Express, Cornell M.B.A.
Yasser Alshahrani, Financial Analysis Courses reviews

Worth every penny

I loved how simple and easy to follow the instruction was. Totally worth every penny! Many thanks Scott.

Yasser Alshahrani, Finance Manager, U of Texas M.B.A.
Brett Hannigan, Financial modeling courses reviews

Extremely helpful

I found the financial modeling courses extremely helpful during my prep for interviews. I highly recommend CFI courses to anyone looking to pursue a career in the capital markets or prep for wall street.

Brett Hannigan, Investment Banking Analyst, Sauder M.B.A.
Olga Filatova, Financial and Excel Modelling Skills reviews

Just awesome!

I never leave feedback, but in this case I found your course just awesome! For a long time I have struggled to find a course with the combination of high professional Financial and Excel modelling skills. Due to your practical background in finance, the model is in all aspects very highly rated. I believe it’s worth much more than I paid for it and I feel very lucky to have taken your amazing courses.

Olga Filatova, Financial Controller
Blessing Lawal, Full Access Bundle reviews

A major turning point in my career

Taking the Full Access Bundle at Corporate Finance Institute was a major turning point in my career. Without any iota of prejudice, CFI is the best Finance Institute in the whole world. Using avant-garde approach in all its entirety. What a learning experience, par excellence.

Blessing Lawal, Controller
Derek Senft, Financial Modeling Capabilities reviews

Keep your skills sharp

We’ve seen the benefits of the Corporate Finance Institute at work with our people, rounding out their financial modeling capabilities and providing ongoing training modules to keep their skill sets current and sharp.

Derek Senft, Private Equity, London Business School M.B.A.
CFI reviews

Simply perfect

Extremely clear, step-by-step guided course on how to build a balance sheet and cash flow statement forecast model using Excel. All the rest was simply perfect.

Laura Piccinato, Investment Analyst, M.Sc.
student feedback review

I am grateful to CFI

I am grateful to CFI for explaining such a complex concepts in an extremely lucid manner.  What I had learned in this course would have taken me months on my own.

Sanjoy Roy, Analytics Lead, B.Eng.
CFI Review

It helped me land a job

CFI came to me at a time when I really needed it. These courses helped me immensely by improving my Excel modelling techniques and corporate finance concepts. It gave me enough knowledge to crack a super competitive interview as a business analyst in a billion-dollar shipping company. A lot of the financial modeling skills I learned from the courses are going to be with me forever as I progress through my career.

Mudassir Ahmed, Business Analyst
happy student

An essential resource to help be prepared

After my undergraduate degree in economics, I found it hard to bridge the gap between academia and the skills required in banking. CFI was an excellent resource in developing marketable skills in the industry and helped me land my first job. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to prepare themselves for a job in the financial industry.

Matthew McKee, Credit Analyst

More Reviews

This financial modeling course provides a powerful tool to build a simplified and robust model. What I like most are the downloadable files accompanied with the video instruction.

Sophie Ngo | Canada

I loved how simple and easy to follow the instruction was. Totally worth every penny! Many thanks Scott

Yasser Alshahrani | Saudi Arabia

Great review of key accounting concepts required for financial analysis and building a financial model. This is like an accounting 101 course condensed into a few hours.

Jared Blum | United States

Overall this mining course was excellent! I enjoyed the process and extracted great value from the content even from an intermediate level student.

Zach Allwright | Canada

This course was better than most accounting courses I took in school and a great refresher for my new job. I Highly recommend it to anyone who wants a free course that’s super easy to follow

Sarah Lawson | United States

A great overview of the basics and is easy to follow. It was well paced, although I repeated several of the chapters which was easy thanks to the good interface. All in all a very solid course.

Chris Wang | United Kingdom

Great insights into the notes in financial statements

S. Rustom | India

The math concepts and formulas required for financial analysis are well explained in this course. Glad I took it!

Jared Blum | United States
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