The Global Corporate Finance Society


CFI is governed by the board members of the Global Corporate Finance Society (GCFS), a nonprofit society that seeks to serve professionals in the field of Corporate Finance around the world.

The GCFS board audits the FMVA program quarterly to ensure relevancy and industry standards are being met. By regularly examining course curriculum, the GCFS board is able to ensure CFI courses include the latest possible trends.

Breaking Down Barriers

Setting policy and providing direction

Differing levels of access to finance opportunities is a common problem across the globe. Lack of work experience and a bias towards educational background means true potential can often be overlooked.

Promoting Global Standards

Reviewing courses to maintain industry relevance

Collectively, this international group of seasoned finance professionals validate all Corporate Finance Institute certification standards, including assessing CFI exams every quarter and conducting thorough analysis of course material.

Meet the Global Corporate Finance Society Board

The Global Corporate Finance Society is led by a nominated board of 15 board members (12 independent) who have worked with some of the worlds largest and most prestigious financial organisations.

Joseph Frantz
New York City, USA
Lisa Dorian
New York, USA
Scott Powell, FMVA
Vancouver, Canada
Lester A. Leong, FMVA
Santa Monica, USA
Ryan Small, FMVA
San Francisco, USA
Rajib Bose, FMVA
Delhi, India
Amin Vali
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Scott Needham, FMVA
Johannesburg, South Africa
Mario Bartz
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Jibran Khan
Toronto, Canada
Liza Vogt, FMVA
Brisbane, Australia
Vitor Morato, FMVA
Brasilia, Brazil
Stefano Sanna, FMVA
Paris, France
Arno Wakfer CA, FMVA
Brisbane, Australia
Tim Vipond, FMVA
Vancouver, Canada

GCFS Core Responsibilities

This diverse board of thought leaders are responsible for:
  • Setting policy and providing direction
  • Determining the vision, mission, values, goals, and policies that help guide the society’s efforts
  • Reviewing courses to maintain industry relevance and validity
  • Supporting students through question clarification and FMVA mentorship

Please visit the Global Corporate Finance Society website to learn more.

Corporate Finance Institute Certification Framework

The Global Corporate Finance Society reviews CFI courses in line with the Corporate Finance Institute Framework. By combining this qualification system with industry expertise, students can be confident that what they are learning is critical to all financial analysts across the world and meets any future employment needs.

The certification framework is influenced by the board of directors to ensure graduates have the foundational knowledge they need to become world-class financial analysts.
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