Glenn Hopper

Glenn Hopper

Instructor at CFI, Consultant, Lecturer, and Author on Artificial Intelligence and Finance

AI in Financial Technology, Fractional CFO Services, and Strategic Advisory


Glenn Hopper received an MBA and a master's degree in finance from Harvard University.


Glen has more than 20 years of experience at the intersection of technology and corporate finance. His experience ranges from being a CFO in private equity-backed firms, finance automation, M&A, operational efficiency, driving innovation and modernization. Additionally, Glenn is an expert in using AI in financial technology implementation, fractional CFO services, and strategic advisory. Glenn is also the author of Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age.

Outside of work

Glenn is an avid runner and cyclist. When he’s not busy trying to automate all of his daily tasks or tinkering with his AI bots he can frequently be found rolling through the back roads of eastern Arkansas or running along the banks of the Mississippi River near his home in Memphis.

Articles by Glenn Hopper

Leveraging Generative AI for Financial Analysis

Leveraging Generative AI for Financial Analysis

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