Ryan Spendelow

VP, Content
Ryan Spendelow


Risk Management, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Finance


Ryan started his finance career based in London working in asset management. He then moved to a corporate finance and capital markets training role, with these roles being based in Europe and then Asia, before joining CFI in 2023. Ryan is passionate about making learning about the finance markets as accessible as possible.

Articles by Ryan Spendelow

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Factor Analysis

A statistical technique designed to draw out the substance of complex data
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Artificial Intelligence in Finance & Banking

How professionals can capitalize on AI advancements
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Market Risk Analyst Career Profile

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Alternative Investments Career Profile

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Operational Risk Analyst Career Profile

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Prospect Theory

A psychology theory that states that people make decisions based on perceived losses or gains
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Credit Risk Analyst

A professional who reviews an applicant's loan application and their capability and willingness to repay the loan
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Treasury Career Profile

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Capital Markets

Where equity-backed securities and long-term debt are both bought and sold
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