The CFI Excel-erator Challenge:

Master Excel for Data Analysis in 7 Days

Excel is an integral part of almost every finance or data professional’s toolbox. Knowing your way around a spreadsheet is one thing, but mastering it—especially when it comes to data analysis for deep insights and informed decision-making—can make a huge difference for your productivity, performance, and competitive edge.
Get on your way with the CFI Excel-erator Challenge, a free 7-day intensive that hones key skills for data analysis in Excel. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking to round out your Excel skills—or an aspiring financial analyst or business intelligence professional—this challenge is for you.

In just one week, you’ll learn how to:

  • “Look up” data with a variety of methods
  • Highlight key messages with conditional formatting
  • Create insights with Excel functions and formulas
  • Analyze data with Excel Tables and Dynamic Arrays
  • Structure and visualize data with Excel Charts
  • See where your Excel skills land with a Qualified Assessment
  • Bonus: Earn a certificate for Fundamentals of Data Analysis in Excel if you choose to complete the supplemental coursework along with the daily challenges and pass the Qualified Assessment.

Take the CFI Excel-erator Challenge

Sign up to get each day’s Excel challenge delivered to your inbox. Every day you’ll receive a workbook created by CFI’s business intelligence and data experts with detailed instructions and supplemental lessons to walk you through each exercise. And be sure to share your progress on LinkedIn using #ExcelerateWithCFI to connect with fellow Excel-erators!

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