Corporate Finance Certificates

Get the skills and confidence you need to take your career to the next level.

Corporate Finance Certificates

How do I earn my corporate finance certificate?

To earn a CFI certificate, you must:

Enroll in a CFI course
All it takes is a quick click!
Watch video lessons
To help you understand the fundamentals
Complete lesson quizzes and exercises
So you can actively practice your skills
Pass the final assessment
With a 80% passing grade (students get unlimited attempts)
Receive your certificate
Via email; you can add a verified link to your LinkedIn profile

What corporate finance certificates do you offer?

Explore a range of different courses to get specialized with a certificate verifying your skills.

FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Modeling
Level 1
Introduction to Corporate Finance
Level 1
Introduction to Investment Banking
Level 1
Introduction to Excel
Level 1

Are CFI Certificates verified?

Yes, we are a verified education provider for the CPA Institute and NASBA.

We verify all certificates at your request. Examples of verification requirement include:

  • Confirming your CPE credits
  • Reference check for a new job

Simply contact us to notify us who you would like your certificate verified with.

Why hire someone with a CFI Certification?

CFI has a unique focus on practical learning and training so our graduates are up-to-date with the relevant industry skills and practices.

  • We bridge the gap between academic theories and professional careers with practical, hands on training.
  • CFI courses are taught by industry leading training professionals, which ensures best-practices.
  • The full suite of CFI courses is equivalent to an investment banking analyst / associate training program.

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