FP&A Forecasting Certificate

Our forecasting certificate courses give you the skills and confidence you need to take your FP&A career to the next level.

Forecasting Certificate

The FP&A forecasting certification from the Corporate Finance Institute will set you apart in a competitive job market. Stand out with employers my mastering business valuation.

In this course you will learn how to perform a rolling 12 month cash flow forecast. The certificate will be particularly valuable to those who entering careers in corporate finance and financial planning & analysis.

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How do I earn my FP&A certificate?

To earn the forecasting certificate you must:

  1. Enroll in the FP&A certificate course
  2. Download the included Excel files
  3. Complete all of the video-based chapters
  4. Pass all of the quizzes with a 100% grade (you can always retake the quizzes)
  5. Complete the exercises in your downloaded Excel files

Your certificate will be automatically emailed to you in PDF and you can add a verified link to your LinkedIn profile. We will also verify certificates for employers if you request us to.

What will I learn?

Master the art of building a rolling 12-month cash flow forecast model in our Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) course. In this course you will learn to build a cash flow model from scratch complete with assumptions, financials, supporting schedules and charts.

​We will look at how forecast revenues, operating expenses and changes in balance sheet items to arrive at monthly cash flow. From there we will assess the financial impact on the business, decide if capital needs to be raised, evaluate credit metrics, and create elegant charts to inform management.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Apply a structured approach to monthly cash flow modelling in Excel
  • Build up the assumptions and formulas required to forecast the business
  • Understand how to forecast the financial statements based on the business plan
  • Calculate the monthly cash flow
  • Analyze the impact of the forecast on the company’s balance sheet and capitalization
  • Output relevant graphs to illustrate the cash flow profile to management

This certificate course

is critical for anyone working in Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), accounting, or finance departments.

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Are CFI Certificates verified?

Yes, we verify all certificates at your request. Examples of verification requirement include confirming your CPE credits or a reference check for a new job. Simple contact us to notify us who you would like your certificate verified with. Our mission is to help you advance your career, and proving your skill level to an employer is an essential part of being hired or moving up the ladder.

We are an approved provider of continuing education with the CFA Institute.

Why hire someone with a CFI Certification?

There are many reasons that employers hire professionals with CFI Certifications.

The forecasting certificate has a unique focus on practical learning. We bridge the gap between academic theories and professional careers with practical, hands on training.

The CFI is one of only a few financial modeling focused online certifications taught by industry leading training professionals, which ensures best-practices.

The full suite of CFI courses is equivalent to an investment banking analyst/associate training program. Our program was designed by professional Wall Street training firms and modeled after bank training programs.

Have more questions?

Read our detailed Frequently Asked Questions about CFI Certificates.

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