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Student Spotlight Stories

At CFI, we are proud to help you achieve your goals! Read our students' inspirational stories of dedication, perseverance, and success!

Robert Sawadogo

Senior Financial Analyst

There is no pressure on the students, yet the professional environment stimulates us to learn comfortably

Why did you choose to take CFI training?

I wanted to polish my knowledge and skills to become a more professional financial analyst by:

  • Tracking and analysing micro and macroeconomic trends
  • Determining a company’s value by studying its financial statements
  • Staying informed on current economic trends and forecasts
  • Staying informed on the development of a specific sector or industry

How has our training impacted your skills and improved your career?

It will help me become more analytical, detail-oriented and comfortable in decision-making. I will also be more skilled and competitive at an international level. My expertise will allow me to stand when applying for top global companies and be able to get the job of my dreams.

What did you enjoy most about your experience with CFI?

Relaxing and professional training. There is no pressure on the students, yet the professional environment stimulates us to learn comfortably. I also enjoyed the animations in the courses and the exam evaluations.

Which was your favorite course?

My favorite course was the FP&A Monthly Cash Flow. It covers the Balance Sheet, Income statement and beyond, and teaches about the performance of any company. Before continuing with my program, I think the FP&A course helped me make better decisions and improved my forecasting skills.

What advice do you have for new and future students?

The secret to success is:

  • Hard work
  • Dedication
  • Perseverance
  • Skill

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