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Tailored training programs for the full spectrum of financial services, including investment and commercial banking, asset management, private equity, wealth management, and capital markets. Learn more →
Equip your FP&A and corporate development teams with hands-on expertise in financial analysis, advanced modeling techniques, business intelligence, data analytics and more.
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Accelerate learning curves and strengthen analytical, financial, risk management, and data skills for accounting, advisory, and consulting firms.
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Equip your students with real-world banking and finance knowledge, hands-on skills employers demand, and the confidence to put them into action. Learn more →

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On-Demand Finance Training to Empower Every Employee for Everyday Success

Skills That Drive Growth
Equip your teams with hands-on learning to build business acumen and technical expertise. Boost their confidence in financial analysis, decision-making, and strategy execution.
Accelerated Path to Productivity
Unleash the power of flexible, tailored learning. Minimize learning time for new hires, foster career growth, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning and excellence.
Maximized Return on Training Investment
Achieve cost-efficiency without compromising quality. Seamlessly expand online training across divisions and regions with our comprehensive online learning library.

Instructors With Real Industry Experience

With extensive banking and finance experience and a passion for teaching, our instructors craft the highest quality content that's both engaging and immediately applicable. They use proven adult-learning techniques to ensure your professionals grasp and retain every lesson.
Scott Powell
Chief Content Officer
Helen Wale
VP, Leadership Skills
Kyle Peterdy
VP, Commercial Credit & Banking
Meeyeon Park
VP, Financial Planning & Wealth Management
Sebastian Taylor
VP, Business Intelligence & Data Analysis
Andrew Loo
VP, Capital Markets
Joseph Yeates
Director, Business Intelligence & Data Analysis
Duncan McKeen
EVP, Financial Modeling
Gabriel Lip
VP, Commercial Credit & Banking
Tim Vipond
Chair of the Board
Jeff Schmidt
VP, Financial Modeling
Ryan Spendelow
VP, Content

Give Your Team a New Way to Learn

Role-Ready Skills
Hit the ground running with structured learning paths or create bespoke solutions that align with your firm’s specific objectives.
Productivity Resources
Empower your team to focus on impactful work with a library of resources—proven templates, cheat sheets, and productivity tools—designed to streamline daily tasks and minimize errors.
Modern Learning Experience
Give learners the freedom to learn at their own pace, with ongoing access to learning materials upon program completion.
Actionable Insights
Track individual and team progress, assign learning, and measure performance, all from your intuitive dashboard.

SilverChef and CFI: A Story of Profitability

“After taking this course, there’s a general confidence increase to ask more informed questions to our customers…it sparked a development in a lot of people who are already looking at doing additional courses with CFI.”

Learn from the President of SilverChef and its Vice President of People and Culture how CFI enhanced capability across their employees and why they would “absolutely recommend CFI to other companies.”

How MSH Used CFI to Fuel 40% YoY Growth

“What people learn most from is experience. CFI takes people with experience who are creating and leading the courses, arms you with that experience, and teaches you how to apply it to business.”

Learn from MSH's CFO how CFI helped contribute to "explosive" growth in their business." underneath the quote and above the CTA.

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