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Created by industry experts, our enterprise solution offers in-demand industry training that your employees will love and apply on the job to get real results.

Compare CFI for Individuals and CFI for Teams

CFI for Individuals
CFI for Teams
Your Learning Experience
100+ expertly designed video courses
Practical course content created by instructors of 22+ years of experience
Self-paced learning works for all skill levels and learning styles
All-inclusive access to industry’s top certification programs (FMVA®, CBCA™, CMSA®, BIDA™)
Member access to all course upgrades, new courses, and downloadable resources
5,000+ searchable lessons to fit your needs
Hundreds of hours of practical, skills-based video learning
250+ downloadable financial models and templates
30+ real-world case studies
Exercises, quizzes, assignments and tests
Certification practice exams
Digital blockchain verified certificates
Customized learning paths to meet your company's objectives
Affordable, flexible, scalable learning solutions for organizations
Blended learning format with options for elearning and mentor support
Services Included
Access to CFI’s student and alumni LinkedIn community
One-on-one mentor feedback
24/7 technical support
Premium support with a dedicated account manager
Prioritized 24/7 technical support
Readily available online resources to proactively upskill your team
Tracking and Reporting Features
Flexible license and enrollment management
Individual and group progress tracking to ensure compliance
Skills gap assessments to identify employees’ knowledge and competency gaps (coming 2021)
Program management options to ensure timely completion
Real-time insights on students’ progress, outcomes, and areas for additional training
Accurate records system for audits or regulatory framework changes
Employee feedback on course satisfaction and suitability

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