Definitely a worthy investment
Why did you choose to take CFI training?

I wanted to improve and sharpen the practical skills and knowledge critical to being a valuable and skilled financial analyst. So having researched various options, I found the CFI Financial Analyst (FMVA) training program, which seems to cover a comprehensive range of topics, content and skill areas that are so relevant, helpful and critical to garnering the technical and practical skills and knowledge necessary to be a valuable and skilled financial analyst, particularly in Corporate Finance and FP&A fields.

How has our training impacted your skills and improved your career?

As the program covers a comprehensive range of fundamental and advanced topics, including reading and understanding financial statements, building robust financial models aiding various types of analysis as well as creating effective presentations and dashboards, it certainly has practically helped me reinforce and further sharpen the knowledge and practical skills needed as a financial analyst in the Corporate Finance and FP&A space.

What did you enjoy most about your experience with CFI?

Throughout the courses, I have enjoyed a great experience interacting with the CFI support team where they have done a very good job responding and addressing the questions and different thoughts I have had for various courses throughout the entire FMVA program.

Which was your favorite course?

While I have learned something new in every single course offered under the FMVA training program by CFI, the most favorite courses (if I can pick 3 out of all the courses offered) would be:

Financial Analysis Fundamentals – this course has demonstrated a strong conceptual framework and enhanced the knowledge and how-to best analyze various financial statements, practically deriving and using various types of financial metrics and performing comprehensive analyses critical to evaluating an organization’s operational efficiency and profitability.

Dashboards & Data Visualization – through this course I have actually learned the very important data visualization techniques and how to best utilize various charts and graphs to design and present an effective dashboard that can really make a difference and critical to presenting clean, focused and impact information for management and executives.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Advanced Modeling – this course essentially incorporates most of the key financial modeling concepts techniques. Through this course, I have not only learned advanced financial modeling skills but also gained deeper insight of how to integrate financial modeling, various sensitivity analyses and valuation techniques to evaluate an M&A transaction.

What advice do you have for new and future students?

The CFI Financial Analyst training program is definitely a worthy investment for individuals who want to become a strong financial analyst, even for experienced finance professionals who want to further improve and develop new knowledge and skills to be a better and more well-equipped financial analyst.

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