High quality experience
Why did you choose to take CFI training?

I had more than seven years of accounting experience after completing my Master’s but I wanted to change my career from accounting to investment banking – financial services. Switching careers at this stage is a difficult decision, which requires lot of hard work & passion, so I started my research for the best online investment banking analyst courses around the globe i.e. Coursera, BIWS, CFI, Training the Streets, Financial Edge & Udemy etc. I started taking CFI’s free courses, liked the quality of lectures and then I decided to buy CFI Full Program – Financial Analyst Complete training package.

How has our training impacted your skills and improved your career?

Thanks to CFI Financial Analyst training courses, my skills have drastically improved in terms of presentation, analytical thinking, and I have learned industry best practices in corporate finance. In short, changing careers from accounting to finance was the right decision after taking CFI Courses.

What did you enjoy most about your experience with CFI?

Well, I really enjoyed every course at CFI but there are few moments that I really enjoyed i.e. The moment when my financial model is balanced, when I was going through the courses and passing quizzes, and the final assessment test. Those are really challenging and I really enjoyed the moment when I passed the assessment and received my certificate!

Which was your favorite course?

This is a difficult question, by the way. Actually, I have a lot of favorite courses e.g. Financial Analysis course, Business Valuation, Three Financial Statement model Course, Sensitivity Analysis, industry specific courses etc., but the ones I liked the most were: the Three Financial Statement Models and Business Valuation & Mergers & Acquisitions Modeling. These courses provide the core of the Investment Banking Analyst Role & are taught in a very professional and easy to understand manner, so that students can understand every concept in detail.

What advice do you have for new and future students?

My advice is purely based on my personal experience and, without any exaggeration, I sincerely believe that if anyone wants to start his or her career in corporate finance after graduation or at anytime –  take the full CFI Program because it bridges the gap between academics and the practical side of the industry. Also, practice building lots of models because practice makes perfect.

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