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Never expires and gives you access to over 100 hours of professional Wall Street training material.

  • 24 courses and certificates included
  • Exclusive library of modeling templates included!
  • Financial modeling, valuation, financial analysis
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Financial Modeling

  • Build fully linked and dynamic financial models from scratch across several different industries
  • Develop the key business assumptions and use formulas to build the drive the forecast
  • Construct the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement for the entire forecast period
  • Learn the most advanced Excel formulas and functions
  • Master financial modeling best practices used by Wall Street professionals
  • From beginner to advanced, we cover all level of financial modeling experience
  • Exclusive library of modeling templates included!


  • Discounted cash flow analysis, trading multiples (aka comparable companies), and precedent transactions
  • Build a complete DCF model in Excel from scratch
  • Learn how to build a list of comparable companies, know what multiples to use, and how to interpret them
  • Understand the tradeoffs between different valuation methods, and master all of them
  • Develop a range of values for a business based on different assumptions and scenarios
  • Learn to perform world-class valuation analysis

Financial Analysis

  • Go beyond general financial modeling and valuation analysis
  • Perform sensitivity and scenario analysis of a business and investment opportunity
  • Build powerful charts and graphs for presentations
  • Create dashboards and other forms of data visualization
  • Step “above” the financial model and look at the main message, takeaways, and presentation of results
  • Become a world-class financial analyst

Charts, Dashboards & Presentations

  • Exclusive library of Excel templates with pre-made charts, graphs, and tables
  • Learn how to build powerful dashboards and outputs for presentations
  • Master data visualization and create impactful analysis
  • Impress executive leadership with deep insights


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