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Your Employer Should Want to Invest in Your Education

We regularly get asked to provide FMVA information that is adapted for employers. What usually surprises employers is that the long-term benefits of the FMVA massively outweigh any hesitations they have.

Tuition reimbursement policies are different for all organizations, some quite competitive and others completely non-existent. To help you convince your employer to reimburse your education, we’ve put together advice on how to approach the situation with them.

Some common benefits that sway employer outlook on tuition reimbursement include:

  • Enhanced employee loyalty from investments in employee personal growth
  • Boosted productivity due to higher morale levels
  • Increased project ownership from employees with newly learned skills
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Reimbursement Request Template

Before you write a letter requesting reimbursement, make sure you understand:

  • The FMVA program (structure, tuition options, program length, etc.)
  • The personal gains, advanced knowledge, and skills you will receive upon completion

When communicating with your employer, be sure to speak in a way that shows how your continued education can positively impact the company. Whether this means that you can improve revenue or share the skills you’ve learned with your team, make sure they know it will benefit the company.

Most people start this process by emailing their employers. To help you out, we’ve created an email template as an example for you to use.

reimbursement request
Example email template from CFI

Reimbursement Application Letter Guide

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