Business and Financial Modeling with Coursera

We compare and contrast CFI with Coursera

Coursera Financial Modeling Courses

There are several online resources for learning financial modeling and valuation. Coursera is one of those resources. Students often ask us, what do you think of Coursera financial modeling courses?

Coursera provides courses on a wide variety of topics, even extending beyond business subjects like software development and data mining. In the specific vein of corporate finance, however, Coursera’s partnered with the Wharton School to offer an online business and financial modeling specialization. The specialization is taught by a combination of professors and costs about $600.


CFI Financial Modeling Courses

The CFI Full Access Bundle, by contrast, is taught by a combination of industry professionals and teaching professionals, which delivers a powerful result. These professionals have industry experience that directly contributes to the applicability of the courses. The 15+ courses in the bundle cover not only financial modeling, but also valuation, sensitivity analysis, and industry-specific models.


CFI vs Coursera financial modeling courses


The above image is from CFI’s financial modeling courses.


Additionally, CFI provides an abundance of free resources to complement the CFI Full Access Bundle. These resources range from articles on financial analysis, career choices, accounting policies, and investment methods, to Excel templates for a wide variety of financial ratios and formulas.

In fact, aspiring professionals who would like a sample of the CFI courses can access the resources at no charge and at any time convenient for themselves. Simply head over to the resources section to find links to the relevant articles or templates.


Practical Applications

For anyone looking to break into corporate finance, investment banking, equity research, FP&A, or other areas of finance, CFI is the best value for your money. The courses are designed in such a way that they can be tailored or bundled to fit the specific career aspirations or professional development requirements of the individual. But don’t take our word for it, check out the hundreds of reviews from our thousands of students who’ve advanced their careers by taking our courses.

CFI also offers financial aid for those that are interested in taking the courses but are just shy of the resources required to do so. To apply for this financial aid, please visit the application page and fill in the required information. Applicants should receive a response containing further instructions or results in a short amount of time.


Additional Resources

Thank you for reading our guide comparing CFI to Coursera financial modeling courses.  To help you advance your career, these free resources will be a big help:

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