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This article compares CFI and Academic Earth for people looking for free finance or accounting courses online.

CFI vs. Academic Earth

Accounting and finance can be challenging subjects to learn in school, which is any many people turn to online courses to learn them for free, CFI courses are by far the best way to get started in accounting and finance in a competitive job market.

Our courses were built by MDA Training, a leading Wall Street training company that has developed content used to train thousands of new hires at banks around the globe.

Many of our students want to know how we’re different than Academic Earth, so we’ve posted a helpful comparison below.

Why should I take CFI courses over Academic Earth?

CFI courses have an extensive track record of training corporate finance professionals, pure and simple.  Our teachers began developing courses over 20 years ago to train new hires at financial institutions around the globe.  Now we’ve made the courses available to you at a fraction of the price.

We take a lot of care to develop engaging, easy to follow content.  We have been told that our video-based courses have the best combination or media design, graphics illustrations, along with beautiful Excel templates.

We offer several introductory courses for free, and always issue certificates.

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